Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Royal Mile, 267 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8BQ

Telephone: +44 (0) 131 558 8737


Paul Wedgwood, the chef of Wedgwood The Restaurant, and his wife intended to open a non-pretentious restaurant serving quality food, and they have achieved beautifully.

When I first set foot in Wedgwood, the word that sprang to mind was “bistro” – the dining area was small, cosy and comfortable. Despite its homely settings, however, the food turned out to be unexpectedly refined!

Paul insists on using the best seasonal ingredients for his cooking, so there was no à la carte menu. The daily fixed menu had a small but enticing selection, and was meagrely priced at £14 for 3 courses.

(1) Initially, I was sceptical about a Scottish restaurant attempting an Asian-style stir fried beef fillet, but Paul did it, and with flying colours too! The beef fillet was cooked with a citrus, magnificent Thai sesame dressing, and served with a pear and spring onion salad on the side.

(2) The spaghetti with courgette and fennel was exotic as well as delectable. The aubergine cream was an incredibly effective and complementary sauce for the spaghetti!

(3) For our first dessert, we had the sticky toffee pudding with Chantilly cream, which was buttery, sweet and delicious.

(4) Then, we had the Cranachan, which is a traditional Scottish dessert, made with cream, whiskey (as one would only expect), raspberries, honey and oats. The sprinkle of oats added a beautiful chewiness to the otherwise smooth and creamy dessert, and at Wedgwood,the Cranachan was served chilled which made it delightfully refreshing!

(5) Any girl would go crazy for this chocolate truffle cake, served with marinated strawberries. This was our last dessert, and it was chocolate-y enough but not bitter nor too sweet – K, L and I loved it to bits!

With its top-notch food at such fantastic value, I believe that Wedgwood’s myriad of recent awards are well-deserved!