Rating: ★★★☆☆

Address: Kronprinsessegade 13, Copenhagen, K 1306

Telephone: +45 3311 1307


When G, K, W, L and I were travelling in Copenhagen, we went to Orangeriet for lunch, which was situated in an orangery in the King’s Garden, not far from the Little Mermaid.

Orangeriet was decorated in an idyllic cottage style, with white table cloths, wooden floor and large windows overlooking the garden.

The environment was pleasant and the food was reasonably priced. Most commendable were the ingredients used which were incredibly fresh. Unfortunately, when we visited the restaurant, the service was extremely slow! Despite the fact that there were only around 10 other customers in the restaurant, our requests were often ignored and the waiters were out of sight. Since the food was fantastic, I could only hope that others encountered better hospitality than we did!

Scandinavia is famous for its open-faced sandwiches, smörgås, which can easily be found in any restaurant or café in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Often, the ingredients are placed over a piece of rye bread.

(1) We each ordered a smörgås for lunch, and I had the rye bread with beef tartar, grated horseradish, roasted onions and pickles, which was absolutely delicious thanks to its top-notch ingredients. Look at that beautiful pink and fresh minced beef!

(2) After having the smörgås which was delectable but not completely filling, we moved on to the Apple Tarte Tatin, served with crunchy hazelnuts and a large scoop of lovely plum ice cream.

(3) We also tried the Pear poached in Elderberry, which was served with yogurt, caramel and vanilla and was incredibly light and refreshing!

(4) If you ever come to Orangeriet on a Sunday, you must indulge in this Hot chocolate with whipped cream. It is served in a giant teapot and comes with a massive, decadent tub of whipped cream – only available on Sundays!

(5) At Orangeriet, you have order and pay for the petit fours, instead of being given them. The petit fours below were not my favourite, as they all tasted like blobs of marzipan and lacked other interesting flavours.

Very sadly (but unsurprisingly), we did not manage to make a reservation for Noma, the restaurant in Copenhagen which has been voted as the World’s Best Restaurant for 3 years in a row in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. At least we still managed to have a taste of authentic Scandinavian cuisine at this lovely restaurant!