Rating: ★★★☆☆

Address: 1 Kinnerton Street, SW1X 8EA

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7592 1609


I am personally not a fan of Gordon Ramsay’s culinary ventures (nor of his profuse swearing), but Pétrus is one of the few restaurants operated by Ramsay’s group which has my approval.

The interior is plush and airy, with a soft-coloured theme and a cylindrical wine cellar in the middle of the dining room. Prices are also very affordable in comparison with its neighbour restaurants in Belgravia.

(1) For the amuse-bouche, this beef carpaccio with black truffle foam got us really excited, as not only did it look stunning, but tasted absolutely divine as well!

(2) However, after such a fantastic start to the meal, our hearts sank as we had our appetiser, the Ballottine of foie gras with smoked chicken. I really loved the refreshing and mildly sweet Granny Smith apple jus and the nicely crunchy accompanying glazed almonds, but they were unfortunately matched with bland and flavourless foie gras!

(3) What followed was the Braised brisket, which was served with portobello mushrooms, baby navet and ale jus. Despite its appealing appearance, the taste was completely underwhelming. The braised brisket was chewy and not tender at all, and lacked any delicious flavours that you would normally expect from from the main course at a Michelin one-starred restaurant.

(4) With a sunken heart, I moved on to the desserts, which actually managed to lift my spirits a little as they looked so alluring! This was the White chocolate cylinder filled with coffee ice cream, which I absolutely adored as the presentation was so delicate and inviting! The mascarpone ice cream on the right was creamy and delicious as well!

(5) I guess this Chocolate sphere with milk ice cream and honeycomb could be considered the restaurant’s signature dessert. The sphere looks incredibly pretty when it is brought to you, but before you eat it, the waiter will pour hot chocolate all over it so that the whole sphere becomes a pile of chocolate goo. Taste-wise, I would have thought that chocolate, milk ice cream and honeycomb would be an awesome combination, but the honeycomb became really sticky and there was way too much chocolate, so the taste was not as brilliant as we had expected it to be.

(6) My friend G ordered some Chocolate ice cream, which was nice and creamy.

(7) For our post-dessert, we had some chocolate-flavoured ice cream lollipops! One of the characteristics of Pétrus is that it offers many little treats during your meal, and the ice cream lollipop was one of the sugary treats we got. After this, we also got a mango cornette, some chocolates and petit fours, which is why we ended up spending 3 hours at the restaurant for lunch!

Pétrus’ take on modern French cuisine was hit-or-miss, but a variety of treats embellished the meal and distracted from the inconsistent food quality. The service was seamless and the staff were warm and welcoming. The desserts, if not tasting sublime, at least looked ornate. Dining at Pétrus was an overall pleasant and likeable experience!