Rating: ★★★☆

Address: 65 Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, London, W1B 4EA



Note: Senkai is now closed down. If you are a fan of sharing platters, I would recommend the Italian restaurant Da Polpo or Senkai’s sister restaurant Dinings, which is a more upscale version of Senkai and serves fantastic foie gras sushi.


As I mentioned in my review of Mitsukoshi, Piccadilly Circus is great for shopping but may not be the best place for food, so I was really happy with my recent discovery, Senkai, which is owned by the same people as Dinings. Both restaurants serve Japanese “tapas”, i.e. small plates to be shared. While the food at Senkai is not the most authentic, the restaurant is chic and spacious and is complete with a cosy bar where you can grab a drink and rest your legs after a long day of intense retail activity. The restaurant also has a wide selection of yakitori (Japanese skewers), which is fantastic comfort food!

The location of Senkai is faultless. The address says Regent Street, but the entrance is actually located on Air Street, immediately off Regent Street.

Firstly, we had the aubergine with white miso. It was a very healthy and palatable option, but there was no miso taste at all!

Then, we had: chicken yakiniku (left)/scallop with yuzu and brown butter (middle)/wasabi and ginger fried rice (right). All the grilled or deep fried foods at Senkai are consistently good and very gratifying.

K and I went crazy on the pork and Jerusalem artichoke gyoza. The dumplings were crispy little bundles of indulgence, and the sauce was slightly sour and really distinctive. Senkai also serves amazing foie gras dumplings!

On a roll with deep fried food, we then ordered the soft shell crab tempura Senkai roll, which was freshly prepared and served nice and crispy. It was certainly the kind of revitalisation we needed, after our strenuous day of shopping and battling with other customers!

The bar at Senkai was not very glamorous, but it was quiet and intimate and was just the perfect spot for us after our stressful day on Regent Street and Oxford Street. We could really do with a few (or many) cocktails at this bar.