Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Address: 10-13 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 6JP

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3551 9862

Sharing an entrance with Gordon Ramsay’s Mayfair haute cuisine restaurant  Maze, Maze Grill is a New-York style steakhouse which opened in 2008, serving luxurious cuts of meat from USDA prime to Australian ninth-grade Wagyu beef.

In tones of cream and olive, the brasserie-style interior of the restaurant is chic and unpretentious. Service was faultless and gracious, and some of the dishes were beautifully served on thick wooden boards. Prices for steaks at dinner could be merciless, but Maze Grill offers great-value set lunch and Sunday Roast menus, both at £24 for 3 courses.

(1) The star of the show was the appetiser, Oysters Rockefeller, which was a simple relish with a distinctive taste. The presentation looked attractive and the oysters and bacon were perfectly baked, giving them a fantastic crunch. The portion was just perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!

(2) Still feeling tired and groggy, I happily tucked into this hearty portion of Roast beef, served with some green beans, carrots, roasted potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding on the side. While this was a homely and satisfying option, there really wasn’t a lot going on. The beef tasted fine but not remarkable, and I would have expected something slightly more fancy or gimmicky from one of Ramsay’s restaurants!

(3) Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, desserts are often the highlight of my meals, but in this case, the Elderflower panna cotta with pistachio biscotti did not impress. The elderflower gave off a natural, summery flavour, and the dessert was overall simple and approachable. However, when I desperately needed a sweet boost in the morning, the panna cotta failed to deliver it – it was hardly sweet at all…

(4) We ended our meal with some Artisan British cheeses, chutney and biscuits. The British cheeses were magnificent, and the homemade chutney paired well with them.

Conclusion: We had a peaceful, relaxing lunch and the offerings were generous, but there was no zing in any of the dishes and as famished as we were, we did not find our Sunday roast as heartening as we had hoped. As I have expressed in my review of Pétrus (London), I am still not the biggest advocate for any Ramsay-owned establishment!