Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Shop GB22, G/F, 45 Tai Hong Street, Site B, Soho East, Lei King Wan, Sai Wan Ho 西灣河鯉景灣蘇豪東B區太康街45號地下GB22號舖

Telephone: 2350 3828

Thank you Teavers for the invitation to a lovely tea tasting at your cafe!

我自問是一個愛咖啡之人, 最喜歡在早上或午飯後喝一大杯又熱又濃的拿鐵, 所以以往比較少去茶店。上星期有幸到訪位於鯉景灣的新茶店Teavers, 並品嘗到來自世界各地的茗茶, 覺得總算沒有浪費週末。以前曾經去過其他茶店,以Teakha (Hong Kong) 和TWG(Singapore)印象最深刻和茶葉最多選擇。我在Teavers首先喝了一杯桂花烏龍茶。我以前只有嘗過用桂花做的甜品, 用來泡茶還是第一次!桂花清甜帶有花香, 而烏龍茶入口後感覺甘甜。最特別的是榛子馬騮搣拿鐵(Hazelnut Monkey Pick Latte)。一向種情於沫茶拿鐵的我, 發現馬騮搣拿鐵不但帶有香滑的牛奶味, 甜甜的榛子糖漿也非常可口。Teavers 是一間不錯的新派本地茶店。

For a coffee lover like myself, nothing beats having a large, frothy cup of latte in morning or post-lunch. Even though I do enjoy drinking tea, I don’t go to tea houses very often. Except for touristy tea houses that I visited when I went on trips to mainland China, the most memorable tea houses for me have been Teakha (Hong Kong) and TWG (Singapore), as they both offer an extensive tea selection.

Teavers, a new tea house in Soho East, is a contemporary tea cafe which is only a few minutes’ walk from the Sai Wan Ho MTR station. The owner, Cindy, is an avid tea lover. She has spent a lot of time trying to come up with the best ways to brew tea, and came up with the innovative way of using coffee distillers to bring out the taste of the tea leaves!

There are all sorts of tea products on display in her shop. These Tea bag sticks ($96 for 12) caught my eye as they were not in the shape of a tea “bag”, but were instead little adorable sticks which could stand upright in your tea cup – we all need cute things in life to cheer us up every now and then!


(1) Every customer will be presented with a tray of tea leaves held in glass containers. The idea is that you can smell the different tea leaves and decide which one to order, which is more interesting than choosing your tea just from a menu.

I drank a small cup of Osmanthus Oolong ($48/cup, $68 per pot) (N.B. mine was a sample so the usual cup of tea will be larger than this). I have tried Osmanthus desserts before, but this was the first time I drank Osmanthus tea, and the floral scent was lovely. The Ooloong tea was soothing, and had a sweet, cooling aftertaste. 

(2) I adore green tea latte (see my favourite green tea lattes at Urth Caffe (Los Angeles), Green Waffle Diner (Hong Kong) and black n white (Hong Kong)), and I was surprised to find that the Hazelnut Monkey Pick Latte ($48) was almost as good as a green tea latte! The drink was warm, thick and creamy, and was finished off with a drizzle of hazelnut syrup and a bit of ground hazelnut. Having this tea latte reminded me of a latte-related anecdote. We are all used to ordering a cup of “latte” at coffee shops; “latte” is actually the short form for the Italian words “caffè latte“, with “caffè” meaning coffee and “latte” meaning milk. Once, on a trip to Italy, I instinctively asked for a cup of “latte”,  and ended up being served a cup of hot milk! Therefore, don’t forget the operative word “caffè” when you are in Italy.

(3) Teavers has a small selection of snacks and desserts available, which are not made in-house but are sourced from various suppliers. You can browse the food items on an ipad.

I tried the Lychee Honey with Osmanthus Mousse ($35). The lychee jelly on top, even though was a bit too hard, was light and refreshing, while the Osmanthus mousse at the bottom was creamy and indulgent. 

(4) The Scones ($32) and Toast ($18) were also moreish snacks to go with the teas. The scones were not bad, and I ate them with rose petal and peach jam and passion fruit and mango jam. The rose and peach jam had a beautiful rose aroma, but it would be even nicer if it was less citrus. The passion fruit and mango jam was sweet and tropical, and tasted just like mango puree. It was delicious and I could almost eat it on its own with a spoon!

Conclusion: Teavers is a relaxed and modern tea cafe which offers something different from the usual coffee shops in Hong Kong. It is worth a try if you happen to come to Soho East.