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Address: Shop 626-627, 6/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道500號希慎廣場6樓626-627號舖

Telephone: 2760 7681

聖誕節到Häagen-Dazs 吃雪糕火鍋就最好不過! 雖然巧克力醬實在有點兒太甜,但在冬天吃雪糕甜品真的很有節日氣氛!

I must admit that I am very weak against marketing strategies; as soon as they started using those red Christmassy coffee cups at Starbucks, I immediately felt like I had to go get a cup of latte. Similarly, ice cream desserts at Haagen-dazs were imperative in winter. Even though gelato or frozen yoghurt are more popular these days, ice cream desserts always bring back happy memories from high school, when we would head to Haagen-dazs for desserts after school.

(1) Believe it or not, despite all the times I have eaten at Haagen-dazs, this was the first time I tried the Ice Cream Fondue ($328)! Having seen all the posters around town, I was really excited to be able to finally try this indulgent pot of melting chocolate before me!

The fondue arrived, with a piece of white chocolate in the shape of a snowflake melting in the middle. There were strawberries and bananas for the fondue, and small scoops of ice cream were neatly arranged in a porcelain bowl. The ice cream flavours were: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Cookies & Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Summer Berries, Green Tea and Mango Passion Fruit.

We decided to start with the fruits first as they were less sweet than the ice cream. As the strawberries and bananas were not overly sweet, they went very well with the chocolate sauce, and the chocolate hardened quickly once you took the fruits out of the fondue, forming a thin but firm shell around the fruits.

We then moved on to the ice creams. These days, chocolate fountains are very popular and you can often see them at buffets. However, while you can easily find marshmallows and fruits at chocolate fountains, you won’t always be able to find ice cream! I tried all the ice cream flavours and I preferred the fruity ones as the citrus flavour was a good counterpoint to the sweet chocolate sauce. On the other hand, even though I adore green tea ice cream, it didn’t go so well with the fondue as the bitterness in the green tea clashed with the chocolate’s bitterness.


Having finished this decadent dessert, I felt that it was nice and satisfying, but the whole thing was a bit too sweet! I wish the chocolate sauce in the fondue pot was less sweet and had a stronger chocolate taste.

(2) We also ordered a Happy Christmas Tree ($99) and picked our own ice cream flavours. There was a large piece of brownie in this dessert and it had a rich chocolatey taste and a nice crunch from the nuts. However, unlike some restaurants which serve a warm piece of brownie, the brownie we had was chilled, so there was no contrast between a hot brownie and the cold ice cream.

(3) We moved on to Winter Snowman ($99) and the snowman looked very adorable. The crème brûlée was creamy and rich, but could have been a tad smoother. I liked how this dessert was not too filling even though there were a few large scoops of ice cream in it.

(4) Even though there were a lot of desserts, we still ordered a cup of hot chocolate ($32) to go with them. Fortunately, the hot chocolate was not overly sweet or cloying! This warm drink was perfect for the occasion, and there was a very generous portion of whipped cream which we all managed to polish off.

And that was my Christmas dessert experience. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! It is a lovely and festive time of the year, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and readers for reading my blog. I’d like to thank my lovely readers for sharing your passion for food with me, for trusting me with restaurant recommendations (even though sometimes I may be running of ideas) and for giving me many wonderful restaurant recommendations! I’d also like to thank my accommodating friends for trying out new restaurants with me and for always letting me take photos of the food before you dig in! You guys are simply the best and I am very lucky to be surrounded by such nice people! 🙂 

I spent Christmas in Hokkaido with my family this year, and I will post up photos of the amazing Japanese food I had over the next few weeks. How did you spend Christmas this year? Did you have a lot of delicious food? And what is your favourite Christmas dessert?