Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 044-0013, South 3 East 1, Kutchan 044-0013 北海道虻田郡倶知安町南3条東1-1-4

Telephone: +81 136 22 2020


Hokkaido, in the northernmost part in Japan, is known for its beautiful ski resorts, breath-taking scenery and, of course, pristine food. Not only will you be able to find startlingly fresh seafood,  the island also produces a large portion of Japan’s dairy products, some of which goes into to making tasty snacks like cookies, sweets and chocolates.

When I went to Hokkaido in December 2012, the temperature went as low as -18°C on some days. After a day of snowboarding, there was nothing I looked forward to more than a huge Japanese dinner in the evening. Having already laid my hands on some fine seafoods from the region, the second item on my wish list was some hearty, sizzling hot grilled meats, and Kurobeko, a cosy Japanese barbeque restaurant, was the perfect place to get them. Sadly, due to the exchange rate, things in Japan aren’t cheap for us Hong Kong-ers, but a meal was Kurobeko very affordable, and would only set you back around HK$300-400 per person.

(1) In addition to a selection of mouthwatering meats, Japanese and Korean snacks and appetisers can also be found on the menu. We ordered a Korean style okonomiyaki (vegetable pan cake) to share, and these soft, spongy pancake, dipped in a sweet-salty sauce, was the best way to start our meat-fest.