Address: Hong Kong Park, Supreme Court Road, Admiralty 金鐘法院道香港公園

Telephone: 2522 6333

By Invitation – Thank you L16 for the lovely lunch!

我很高興到了采蝶軒集團旗下的L16 Cafe and Bar 吃午餐。餐廳位於環境優雅的香港公園,有多款泰國和日本菜選擇。我個人最喜歡惹味的海南雞和可口的泰式炒蟹!

Those of you who have been to Hong Kong Park will surely admire the peaceful, lush surroundings in the midst of one of Hong Kong’s busiest districts. However, not everyone may know about the little sanctuary within Hong Kong Park – L16 Cafe and Bar. Run by the Zen restaurant group, L16 offers an extensive selection of Thai and Japanese dishes, and will surely be able to satisfy Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan palates. The restaurant offers a range of reasonably priced set lunches, tea sets and set dinners, so you are bound to be able to find something that suits your appetite any time of the day!

(1) We started off with a classic Pomelo Salad ($68). Large chunks of juicy pomelo, seasoned with a sweet fish sauce and sprinkled with dried shrimps and peanuts, made for a very appetising dish.

(2) Next, we went for one of L16‘s signature dishes, the Hainan chicken (half $138). The chicken was juicy and perceptibly fresh, and the accompanying sauces (ground ginger in oil, chilli sauce and sweet soy sauce “kicap lemak”) worked very well with the chicken and enhanced the chicken’s flavour without being overpowering.


(3) The Spicy Crab w/ Lemongrass and Garlic ($320) was recommended by the manager, and it was a very tangy dish, with the attractive smell of garlic and lemongrass wafting in the air as the dish was brought to our table. The crab was fried until it was gorgeously brown and crunchy on the surface and was a little bit spicy. It was a heavy dish, and I would have loved to eat this with some plain rice if there weren’t so many other dishes waiting for us to try!


(4) We mainly went for Thai food at lunch, but being typical Hong Kongers, we could not resist ordering some sashimi. We ordered a small portion of Supreme Assorted Sashimi (5 kinds, $198) to share. I particularly liked the smooth, chewy octopus and the soft, spongy swordfish, but was not too fond of the tuna.


(5) There were many curries to choose from, and we picked the Roasted Duck in Red Curry ($88). The duck was firm and tasty, and the curry sauce was thick and packed with flavours.


(6) Remember to order a piece of Roti ($12 per piece) to go with the curry – we dipped a small piece of crispy roti into the curry, and it was a one-bite wonder.


(7) No matter how full we were, we could not skip desserts, so we ordered some Fresh Mango w/ Sticky Rice ($66). The innovative twist in this dessert was that the sticky rice had been pan-fried, so besides having a glutinous consistency, the sticky rice also had an alluringly crispy surface! It would have been even better if the Mango was sweeter.


(8) We also ordered the Special L16 Dessert Platter ($48), which comprised of Grass Herb Cake, Coconut Soft Cake, Green Sticky Rice Cake in Coconut Milk and Sago Cake in Coconut Milk. The desserts looked really pretty, but unfortunately tasted a bit of artificial flavourings.


(9) Our third and last dessert was the Pumpkin Stuffed Egg Yolk ($46), which had some lovely custard encased in a pumpkin shell. The flavours were nice and natural and the dessert was not overly sweet.


(10) I saw Matcha Milk (Hot, $45) on the menu and felt that I had to order it as it sounded very delicious, and it tasted fabulous!


(11) My sister went for the Honey lime and citron tea ($38), a hot, soothing drink which was perfect to go with the scrumptious Thai food .