Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Address: 19/F, Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣耀華街3號百樂中心19樓

Telephone: 3489 3862



Uno Duo Trio是一間由廚師Lana Oliveiro 經營的意大利家庭菜餐廳,看到飲食男女推薦後便決定和朋友去試試。我認為食物水準一般,只有意粉和意大利燴飯較為出色。印象最深刻的是兩位金頭髮的男侍應,他們雖然態度友善,但服務非常慢(我們等一杯水等了二十分鐘) ,而且對餐牌好像一無所知,我們覺得十分搞笑!

Even though food is arguably the most important aspect of a restaurant, the service at Uno Duo Trio was so bizarre that it completely distracted me and my friends from the Italian cuisine.

Helmed by owner-chef Lana Oliveiro, Uno Duo Trio features a simple menu that uses fresh ingredients directly flown in from Italy. The restaurant has relocated from Paterson Street to Yiu Wa Street (behind Time Square in Causeway Bay), and the decor of the restaurant is cosy and rustic, with little trinkets and simple furniture helping to create a homely feeling. The restaurant accommodates around 20 to 30 diners, and I decided to try it out as it was recommended by the Hong Kong magazine, Eat & Travel Weekly (飲食男女), as one of the best restaurants of 2013.

By bizarre service, I don’t mean rude or offensive – I literally mean strange and confusing. There were two blonde (presumably Italian) waiters and an Asian lady at the restaurant. As the lady was standing at the entrance, we thought that she was the receptionist at first, but quickly realised that she wasn’t when she didn’t even lift her eyes as we entered the restaurant. The two waiters were friendly and amiable, but seemed to be completely clueless – even though only two tables were occupied, we had to ask three times and wait for around 20 minutes before we got some water. We asked them some questions on the menu but they had no idea (we wondered if they only worked here on Sundays, but still, the service was below par!) The Asian lady brought us the bill at the end of our meal, and reminded us twice to “check that everything [on the bill] was right”. She must have done it out of good intentions, but it came across as slightly condescending.

I have read mixed reviews on the restaurant before I came. A set lunch, without dessert or coffee/tea, cost around $146-168 before service charge, and after ordering a few additional items we paid around $240 per head. Perhaps we came on an off-day, but for what we paid the food did not really impress.

Lastly, just for a laugh, bloggers e*ting and 檸茶 also wrote reviews on the weird/hilarious experiences they had at the restaurant – I only saw them afterwards! Good to know that I wasn’t the only person to have gotten a bit of a shock.

Uno Duo Trio 1

Uno Duo Trio 2

We were finally given some bread around 25 minutes after being seated. The bread was warm and had an attractive sweetness, but the crust was too hard and a bit burnt.

Uno Duo Trio 3

(1) The appetiser, Prosciutto di Parma with Melon, had an addition of melon juice and mashed melon. I admired the creative touch, but it didn’t add anything much to the dish.

Uno Duo Trio 4

(2) The Toast with Tomato & Meat Sauce was made with the same type of bread as that in the bread basket. The tomato and meat sauce had a normal, meaty taste and the toast was nicely covered in some cheese, but again my complaint was that it was a bit burnt.

Uno Duo Trio 6

(3) My friend ordered a Florentine salad of Bread and Tomatoes as she wanted something light and refreshing, but there seemed to be way too much meat in proportion with the chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, which made the salad too heavy. In fact, there wasn’t too much meat, there was just too little veggies.

Uno Duo Trio 5

(4) The Carrot Soup had a beautiful orange colour and the sweetness of the carrots shone through. However, it could benefit from a much heavier hand in the salt pot.

Uno Duo Trio 7

(5) Moving on, we had the Risotto with Spinach & Parma Ham, and it fared much better than the appetisers. The risotto had an al dente, springy consistency and was flavour-packed and refreshing – it was surprisingly lovely! (The presentation was a bit plain, but given how it was supposed to be “home foods”, we’ll let it go.)

Uno Duo Trio 9

(6) We also ordered the Baked Tube Pasta with Broccoli, Pancetta & Bechamel, which although took a while to arrive, was worth the wait. The pasta was covered in a generous and alluring layer of cheese, and the broccoli and pancetta were the perfect companions for the pasta. The bechamel sauce was creamy and faultless.

Uno Duo Trio 8

(7) The Roast Pork with Honey Orange Glaze was well executed. The roast pork was juicy, and the fruitiness of the honey orange glaze accentuated the pork’s natural flavours.

Uno Duo Trio 10

(8) As our set meal did not include desserts, we ordered two from the à la carte menu and shared them amongst the three of us. The first one was the Velvety Chocolate Mousse Cake ($28), which although looked more like chocolate mousse than a mousse cake, was awfully chocolatey, smooth and creamy.

Uno Duo Trio 13

(9) The Tiramisu ($38) was rich and delectable, but the piece of biscuit on the side was not so great, as it was sickly sweet and persistently stuck to the teeth.

Uno Duo Trio 12

(10) I ordered a cup of Latte ($30) and it was not bad. On a separate note, a friend recently told me that he noticed how the description of the dishes becomes increasingly brief in my reviews. That’s an acute observation, as I sometimes lose steam while writing – just in case you are wondering why I don’t have more to say about the latte. Ciao!

Uno Duo Trio 11