Belvedere Vodka

我參加了一個Belvedere的活動,當晚由Belvedere的全球大使Allison Dedianko和調酒師Eric Stephenson親自調製了一杯又一杯用Belvedere做的雞尾酒給我們試飲, 有時覺得做blogger還真不錯!

Belvedere Vodka is a world-famous premium vodka brand which exemplifies the Polish vodka-making tradition. With over 600 years of vodka producing experience, Belvedere’s vodkas have been quadruple distilled exclusively from the finest Dankowskie Gold Rye.


Having spent many, ahem, “memorable” occasions with my friends that involved Belvedere vodkas, I was very glad to attend the Belvedere event where I could finally meet beautiful Allison Dedianko, the Global Ambassador of Belvedere (right in the photo below). Allison comes from New York and won the “Bartender’s Dream Job” competition in 2010 with her innovatie mixology skills and vodka knowledge, and is now travelling within Asia, representing Belvedere in educating bartenders and promoting the brand’s various products.

That night, Allison partnered up with Eric Stephenson and concocted a range of delicious cocktails for us to try. See how happy these two looked at the thought of getting us intoxicated!


Belvedere Vodka smells faintly vanilla, along with gentle characteristics of soft cream. Its taste is full and round with medium body and a naturally smooth, rich and velvety texture. There are also light vanilla notes, and a subtle hint of white pepper and spice. It has a good length in the finish, with notes of almond and clotted cream.


As soon as I was handed my first glass of cocktail, I already couldn’t stop drinking and everything else was a beautiful blur. However, the two cocktails that I did remember and enjoyed the most, were After Glow, prepared by Allison, and Polish Ambassador, prepared by Eric Stephenson.

(1) After Glow 

After Glow was made with Belvedere Vodka, some fresh lemon juice, syrup, 15ml egg white and a slice of lemongrass, and was topped with cream soda. The lemon juice lifted the cocktail by giving it a citrus note, while the egg white added more body to it. An aftertaste of lemongrass enhanced the drink and gave it more complexity.


(2) The Polish Ambassador, prepared by Eric Stephenson (who, by the way, had a very smart-looking bow-tie!), also tasted fantastic. It was made with Belvedere Vodka, Yellow Chartreuse, honey,  lemon juice, white vinegar, orange blossom water, Peychaud’s Bitters, muddled cucumber wheel and some basil leaves and grapefruit peel. This cocktail had many layers of flavours and was also rejuvenating thanks to the herbal and fruity flavours. The grapefruit aroma was outstanding, and the level of alcohol and syrup was perfectly balanced.




P.S. Do email me if you would like the recipes for these two cocktails! 🙂