Rating: ★★★☆☆

Address: Unit B&D, 88-102 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui 大角咀埃華街88-102號B&D舖

Telephone: 2789 1330

black n white最近推出一系列以小動物為主題的新甜品來迎接夏日! 黃色小鴨”Bathing Duck”底下是Tiramisu。用白巧克力製成的小鴨超級可愛, 我當時真的有點兒不想吃它,但最後也把它吃掉了…另外還有動物馬卡龍,例如配72%巧克力鬆餅的小熊馬卡龍。 快點去black n white開個美味的動物派對吧!

Before we realize, winter is over, the sun is out and the weather is nice and sunny again! It didn’t seem that long ago when I last visited black n white to try out their winter muffin collection (see my review here). Before I continue rambling on about how time flies, let me review the animal-themed desserts that I ate last weekend!

As some of you may know, Dirty Dancing, the musical based on the first Dirty Dancing movie (one of my favourite movies!), is performing in Hong Kong from Saturday, 19 April onwards, and black n white has a special edition Dirty Dancing Cake (Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake, $40) to help promote the musical. The chocolate cake tasted incredibly smooth and chocolatey, and doesn’t the pink chocolate ribbon make you want to put on “Time of My Life” and start dancing to it?



If I just show you a photo of this dessert, Raspberry Bathing Duck, without telling you what it is, what will be your guess? I thought that it was some sort of berry mousse, but I guessed it wrong, and it was actually a Raspberry Tiramisu ($68)! Rich, sensuous mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers and some raspberry jelly lay underneath a layer of pink raspberry foam. The chef used molecular techniques to infuse raspberry flavours into the foam. The raspberry foam tasted wonderfully fruity, which perfectly complemented the creaminess of the mascarpone. The ingredients of the tiramisu were not in layers, but were instead all mixed up in a moveable bowl – you could use a spoon to dig for your favorite ingredient while the bowl moved about, which would surely remind you of a bubble bath! The tiramisu was not alcoholic and didn’t have much coffee in it, so it would be suitable for kids to eat (and, of course, adults too).The rubber duckling looked very pretty, yet I still had to eat it and the white chocolate was milky and delectable.


The other “animals” were a hippo, an owl, a panda and a teddy bear. These animal macarons cost $38 each, which is a bit more expensive than the usual macarons, but don’t they look so innocent, cute and edible? The hippo and the panda were vanilla flavoured macarons with a cassis marshmallow, as opposed to buttercream, filling, and the teddy bear and the owl were chocolate flavoured.


For $68, you can get an Animal Macaron Cupcake, which gives you one animal macaron and a “cupcake” – the “cupcake” is actually one of black n white‘s housemade muffins, which I have introduced before. The freshly-baked muffins I ate last time were warm, and the muffins in the Animal Macaron Cupcake this time were cold, because otherwise the cream would melt, but they still tasted delicious. This happy family looked heartwarmingly adorable, and brightened up my day! If you prefer to eat hot muffins, you can order the muffins on the menu separately.


Teddy bear was paired with a 72% Dark Chocolate Muffin.


Mr. Panda was paired with a Raspberry Rosemary Muffin.


The owl sat on a Salted Caramel Muffin.


Hippo was paired with a Blueberry Cinnamon Muffin.


Black n white always puts a few intricate cakes on display, and this Raspberry Chocolate Handbag had no raspberries in it at all – the “raspberries” were actually chocolate, I certainly could not tell!


This handbag cake also looks beautiful, I wonder what flavour it is?