Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 102/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀柯士甸道西1號環球貿易廣場(ICC)香港麗思卡爾頓酒店102樓
Telephone: 2960 9222



Tosca是在西九龍麗思卡爾頓酒店102樓的高級意大利餐廳,這次來自意大利那不勒斯(Naples)的主廚Vittorio Lucariello親自預備了一個創新的晚餐菜單,特別之處是食物不是配紅,白酒,而是配冰凍的意大利Peroni啤酒! Tosca的食物很有水準,而且幾道菜式都巧妙地用了啤酒來煮,例如用啤酒煮的意大利燴飯和用啤酒浸過的漿果配奶凍,真的新鮮又有趣!

Very few things in this world taste better to me than a hearty Italian meal paired with some Italian wines; however, I recently discovered that Italian foods paired with an Italian beer can be pretty awesome too!

I have recently attended a cooking class taught by Vittorio Lucariello, chef de cuisine of Tosca, for the preparation of an exciting Aperitivo menu that presented the flavours of southern Italy. The menu was not paired with wine, but with Peroni beer, the number one Italian beer that is renowned for its refreshingly crisp taste. Even though we were supposed to get busy with cooking at the Chef’s Table of Tosca, a few other bloggers and I couldn’t resist sipping on some icy beer and nibbling on the freshly baked bread instead.

Tosca is a majestic and luxurious restaurant, with a Romanesque decor that features stately fountains, chandeliers and a sleek open kitchen. Located on the 102/F of the Ritz-Carlton, the unobstructed panoramic view of the Victorian Harbour will surely enhance your experience while you enjoy the Italian cuisine at the restaurant.



(1) To start, we had a Baked eggplant parmigiana with Buffalo mozzarella, which showed off the restaurant’s pristine ingredients, most of which are flown directly from Italy. The mozzarella was smooth and indulgently creamy, and was excellently matched with the natural, mellow taste of the baked eggplant.


(2) The Sauteed Mediterrean red shrimps followed, and they were flawless – succulent and well-grilled, they were bursting with juices that tasted of the sea.



(3) Instead of using white wine, the Buffalo mozzarella and black truffle risotto was cooked with Peroni beer, but that was not the only creative about it – buffalo mozzarella was added to the risotto instead of Parmesan. The risotto, meticulously prepared by the chef, had a satisfyingly silky and al dente texture. Even though the mozzarella made the risotto more watery than usual, it also added a decadent creaminess to it, and the taste of the black truffle shavings had a lot of room to shine. Our only complaint was that the taste of Peroni beer was no longer detectable, perhaps because all it had been boiled off.



(4) The Homemade tagliolini with red prawns, tomato tartare and chili peppers made my heart jump with joy. These red prawns filled the room with a sea-fresh fragrance while they were being grilled, and the pasta, touched with a bright note of tomatoes and chili peppers, was explosively flavourful. Each bite was unforgettable.





(5) The Mediterranean Turbot, artichoke, veal juice and black truffle was wondrously juicy and flaked beautifully. However, the fish was full of character of its own and the black truffle seemed like a superfluous addition.


(6) An icy bottle of Peroni beer was an excellent companion for the Beef filet with porcini mushroom.

photo 1_1

(7) It was time for desserts, and the Panna Cotta with wild berries did not disappoint! Brimming with the taste of real vanilla pods, the panna cotta was topped with large wild berries that had been soaked in Peroni beer.

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(8) A beautifully garnished Coffee and hazelnut mille feuille was the final dish of our meal. The coffee flavour was outstanding, and the mille feuille was crunchy and fantastically layered.

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