Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 1/F, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central 中環安慶臺1號安慶大廈1樓

Telephone: 2537 7787


可能是地方夠大的關係吧,PLAY是舉行許多派對的熱門場地。最近,我到PLAY出席了一個派對,試了多款雞尾酒及小吃。發現食物的味道不錯,原來菜單是由Sushi Kuu的主廚 Satoru Mukogawa主理的。

Thanks to its single-floor 8,000 square foot size, PLAY is an immensely popular venue for events and parties. I can’t even begin to name the numerous college parties that I have attended there during my university years… Recently, at a party held at PLAY, I tried out some of the club’s new cocktails and snacks. The food turned out to be pretty decent, and I found out that the food menu at PLAY has actually been prepared by Chef Satoru Mukogawa from Sushi Kuu!

(1) The “Nanban” Chicken ($80), deep fried chicken served with a tartar sauce, was gorgeously crispy. The chicken had been marinated in vinegar and had a refreshing hint of sour taste.


(2) The Spider Roll ($120), with soft-shell crab and avocado wrapped in thin rice paper, was also an enjoyable snack. I wasn’t sure if the sweet chilli sauce was the best match with it, but the roll was tasty on its own in any case.


(3) The Crisp Cut “YAMAIMO” Fries ($75), made with Japanese mountain potatoes, were crunchy on the outside and deliciously mushy and soft in the middle. They were sprinkled with some curry powder which gave them extra flavours.


(4) The Crab Cakes ($85) were made with Alaskan crab meat, and went well with the cocktails. They were excellently flavourful, and the tartar sauce was complementary with their taste.


(5) The Wagyu Mini Rice Burger ($150) was my favourite dish that night. The minced wagyu beef was attractively fatty, and the slightly sticky rice was moreish.


(6) My first glass of cocktail was a Lychee Martini ($110), which tasted of fresh, sweet lychee. There were also shot glass versions of the drink.



(7) The bartender offered me a glass of Bourbon Smash,  which was not on the menu (at the time I went anyway) and was made with fresh pineapple juice, Jack Daniel’s and a dash of lemon juice. It was alcoholic, but was fruity and very easy to drink.



After the food and drinks, a bunch of us gathered around PLAY’s beloved pool tables, divided into two teams and played Flip Cup – I’m terrible at it…are you any good at this game?