Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Gaylord Commercial Building,114-120 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai 灣仔駱克道電影院114-120號嘉洛商業大廈

Telephone: 2861 2221


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新的”星空奇遇記:黑域時空”就快上映,身為”星空奇遇記”迷的我當然會去觀看!但除了到電影院,現在在灣仔駱克道的COYOTE BAR & GRILL 都同樣可以感受到氣氛,因為餐廳最近推出了一個以星空奇遇記為主題的菜單,每道菜式都以電影的角色來命名,而且還跟醬汁公司TABASCO合作,所以每樣食物都有點辣,實在很夠”刺激”!雖然COYOTE 給人的印象主要是個喝酒的地方,但這次菜式的味道很不錯,價錢也很合理,想在灣仔找地方吃飯的話不防試試!

Coyote Bar & Grill is a Mexican restaurant and bar located in the heart of Wanchai. The restaurant has two floors, with the bar located on the ground floor and a dining area located upstairs.

With an upbeat atmosphere and a good selection of food and drinks, this restaurant and bar is a popular venue which is usually bustling throughout the entire week. Last week, I went there for a preview of the Star Trek Into Darkness promotional menu, which will be available from 13 May 2013 to 9 June 2013.As a Star Trek fan, I was really excited about the meal, as each dish was named after a character in the movie. Besides a Star Trek theme, Tabasco brand sauces are also used in each of the dishes and drinks, so be prepared for a spicy kick!

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(1) We started off with Captain Kirk’s Chicken Wings (HOT) ($75). The six pieces of USA chicken, tossed in a Tabasco habanero sauce, were full of flavour in each bite and were tender and moist in the middle. Their flavours were complemented by a jalapeno and cilantro dip, which was creamy and delicious. Beware though – the chicken really was very hot!


(2) The tiger prawns in Scotty’s Skewers ($98) were well marinated and nicely grilled, and the chorizo and tomatoes also added bright notes to the dish. The Tabasco infused cocktail sauce, which tasted a bit like ketchup as it was a tad sweet, was excellently garlicky.


(3) As Spock is quite character, this Spock’s Seafood Paella ($178) also had exotic tastes to match the personality of its namesake. The paella, slow cooked in a Tabasco spiced tomato sauce, was a tad too mushy and soft, but the flavouring was awesome – a hint of sourness and spiciness made it incredibly moreish. The seafood, such as the mussels, prawns and squids, were also satisfyingly fresh, and a dash of lime juice lifted the flavours of the dish.


(4) Sulu’s Sea Bass ($175) exceeded our expectations. The pan-seared, cumin-crusted fish was dry and crunchy on the surface, while still tender and juicy underneath. It was served with sautéed yam, oregano potatoes and garlic spinach, all cooked to a great texture. The sauce was a Tabasco brand chipotle béarnaise, which worked well with the fish.


(5) The Ibarra Fudge Brownie ($55) was warm, buttery and soft, and was fantastically matched with an icy scoop of vanilla ice cream. (This dessert is on the normal à la carte menu.)


(6) Moving on to the Star Trek-themed cocktails, the first one I tried was Mango Uhura ($68), made with white rum, lime juice, mango purée, a dash of Tabasco brand pepper sauce and a splash of soda. It was syrupy and fruity, but also had a fiery spicy kick; I liked how the spiciness was balanced out by the sweetness of the drink. This cocktail is also served at iCaramba (Soho and Discovery Bay), Havana and FogoSamba in Macau.


(7) Spicy Spock ($68) was made with tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, salt, lemon juice and a dash of Tabasco brand pepper sauce. It tasted like spicy bloody mary, and was much less hot than Mango Uhara. I am guessing this drink was red because Spock was Martian? (Also available at McSorley’s, The Jockey and Grand Central Bar & Grill.)


(8) Dr. Bones’ Beer ($68) was a beer with a splash of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco brand pepper sauce. It tasted just like normal beer, but had a spicy and sour aftertaste. (This drink is also available at Cafe SiamLil’ Siam and Taku).


Have you seen this chair at Coyote before? This is “The Barber Chair“and the person sitting on it will have drinks tilted down their throat! Unsurprisingly, people who sit on this chair are almost never volunteers – they are often sponsored by their friends.


Speaking of Star Trek Into Darkness, I was very lucky to have seen this thrilling, action-packed film already, as my dear friend Lydia Tong (on the right in the photo below) invited me to the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere on 9 May 2013. Lydia is an entrepreneur who runs a group buying website in Hong Kong called Purrrchase (https://www.purrrchase.hk/), and there are lots of yummy snacks and cute gadgets on her website!


Conclusion:  The food at this down-to-earth restaurant and bar was surprisingly decent. The downstairs bar area might be too noisy for an intimate dinner, so you could consider booking a table in the second-floor dining area, which is quieter and more spacious. This menu seems to be a pretty tasty, interesting and spicy way to celebrate the release of Star Trek Into Darkness in Hong Kong!