Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 1-5 Elgin Street, Soho, Central 中環伊利近街1-5號1樓

Telephone: 2555 6065

Enomod是在中環伊利近街新開的一間地中海餐廳。Enomod這名字來自”Enoteca Moderna”,是現代酒廠的意思。Enomod是首間在香港推廣social dining的餐廳,所以菜式都是可以和朋友分享的。室內的裝修很現代化,氣氛很放鬆,很適宜一班人來喝酒聊天。餐廳最近才新開張,食物還有改善的空間,但整體而言,味道也不錯。我和朋友吃得挺飽,每人叫了一杯酒, 價錢大概每位$500左右,不算貴,有興趣的話週末可以來試試這新地方!

Since I am not going to the Mediterranean any time soon, a Mediterranean restaurant in Hong Kong is the second best option for me for now. Enomod is a new restaurant on Elgin Street in Soho that promotes “social dining”, a unique concept inspired by the cultural movement that emerged in 30s America. The restaurant’s name comes from “Enoteca Moderna”, which means “modern winery”. The restaurant, designed by Ermanno Lelli and HEAD Architecture and Design Limited, is devised to be a venue for food, drinks and entertainment all in one. The space is modern and stylish, and is designated into seven zones for diners to linger and relax with friends.

Enomod offers a variety of Spanish- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes for sharing, including charcuterie, seafoods, meats, pizzas, pastas and desserts.


(1) We started off with a Salmon Gravadlax, Marinated Spanish Sardines & Home made Sicilian Tuna in Olive Oil ($128).


The Salmon Gravadlax was delightful, with a combination of well-balanced flavours.


The Marinated Spanish Sardines were also tasty and had an excellent texture.


(2) Next to arrive were the Crispy prawns, citrus scented ($138). The prawns were freshly fried and were fantastically crispy, made even more delicious by a citrus note in the dip. We ordered two portions of these as there were four of us at dinner.


(3) The Zucchini, Fig and Haloumi Rolls, Sicilian Caponata ($98) was a mild and soothing dish, and we particularly adored the haloumi rolls, which were enjoyable to eat. The Sicilian Caponata had a medley of vibrant flavours, but we wished there was more of it in the serve!


(4) The Hunter’s Paella, Duck ($268, serves 2) was our favourite dish at the meal. There were a few rice enthusiasts amongst us (including myself), and we all agreed that the consistency of the paella was excellent. The paella was brimming with exotic flavours, and the duck breast was firm and juicy.


(5) The Farfalle, Clams, Lemon Scent, Homemade Ricotta Cheese ($128) tasted invigorating, with the clams, lemon peel and ricotta cheese complementing and enhancing each other’s flavours. However, there was a tiny bit of sand in the pasta, which was rather offputting for a otherwise pleasant dish.


(6) The Seabass, Tomato Sauce, Olive Chips ($268) was well cooked, and the seabass was marvellously tender and juicy. We liked the addition of some “olive chips”, which although were a bit rubbery in texture, added an interesting flavour to the dish.


(7) The Absinthe Spicy Tiramisu ($78) sounded so intriguing that we decided to order it as soon as we saw it on the menu, and the dessert did not disappoint. The tiramisu was velvety and creamy, and was also interestingly spiked by some pepper. Rather sensibly, there wasn’t much Absinthe in the dessert at all, so fear not, you will not get drunk from it!


(8) Lastly, the Pumpkin Crumble Godmother Style ($78), which, after two glasses of wine my friend read as Pumpkin Crumble “Godfather style”, ended our meal nicely. The pumpkin taste was perceptible, and the creaminess of the dessert was broken up by a light crunch of amaretto crumble.


Conclusion: As the restaurant was only in its soft opening phase, the service was far from smooth, but at least the staff were friendly and attentive. We paid a bit over $500 per head (with a glass of drink for each person), which was not too excessive for a restaurant in the area. When we came on a Friday night, the bar was buzzing with people, so clearly the concept of “Social Dining” is well- received in Hong Kong. The execution of some dishes needs to be fine-tuned before we could be fully won over, but otherwise, Enomod is a welcomed, funky new addition to Soho’s dining scene.