Rating: ★★★☆☆
Address: 2/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai 灣仔港灣道1號君悅酒店2樓

Telephone: 2584 7722

Grissini 是一家傳統的意大利餐廳, 豪華的裝修很有氣派,落地玻璃窗外是迷人的海景。以前曾經來訪Grissini多次,但在近幾年都比較少來,這次還是近年第一次到訪。餐廳的服務一流,服務員親切友善。新鮮出爐的 grissini 麵包條外脆內軟,非常有咬口,但其他菜式的水準實在有點參差。晩飯價錢大概每位$800至$1,200左右,有點兒貴,但餐廳的環境舒適優雅,這價錢絕對是值得的。

Grissini, located in Grant Hyatt hotel, is a traditional Italian restaurant that exudes a fine sense of decorum. With a tall ceiling and large glass windows facing the Victorian Harbour, the restaurant is an upmarket venue that serves a selection of meticulously crafted Italian dishes using only the freshest ingredients.

Named after the Italian breadstick, Grissini is famous for their scrumptious grissini which are freshly prepared everyday in a large baking oven located at the entrance of the restaurant. The service at Grissini is impeccable – knowledgeable, courteous and well-drilled staff ensure that the guests feel absolutely at ease. A dinner typically costs around $800-$1,200 per head at this restaurant, but the plush dining experience will be able to justify the hefty price tag.


(1) The grissini here are larger than most grissini found elsewhere, and have a texture more similar to bread than biscuits. Warm and crispy on the outside, these fluffy breadsticks were absolutely moreish. It was extremely difficult for me not to stuff myself with them!


(2) Even though the prices may be hefty, the portions at Grissini are very generous. There were four of us at the meal and we ordered one portion of 24 Months Aged DOP Parma Ham with Sicilian Melon and Rucola Balsamic Vinegar ($220) to share. The staff very kindly divided the appetiser into four portions for us, and the portion was still robust even after the division. The pristine ham and the succulent melons formed a magnificent combination.


(3) Next, we had the Amalfi Coast Swordfish Carpaccio with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pistachio Tropea Red Onion and Oregano ($250). Even though the swordfish was beautifully fresh and delicate, this dish seemed to be almost completely unsalted!


(4) The Fresh Puglian Burrata Cheese, Sardinian Artichokes, Green Asparagus and Roasted Tomatoes ($220) was beautifully presented, and the green asparagus and artichokes were particularly fine and delicate. The burrata, however, even though creamy and smooth, had a peculiar hint of tartness.


(5) We moved on to the pasta, and the Homemade Potato Gnocchi with Quail Ragout, Fresh Rosemary and Pecorino Cheese ($280) had a wonderful, delightfully flavourful sauce, and the quail was also marvellously tender. However, while hard, rubbery gnocchi are to be avoided at all costs, the texture of the gnocchi in this dish was far too soft and mushy for us.


(6) Our meal at Grissini was like a roller coaster ride for our taste buds. After having eaten some disappointing gnocchi, the Homemade Spinach Tagliolini with Lobster ($380) completely lifted our spirits. The texture of the tagliolini was fabulously springy and al dente, and the lobster was startlingly fresh and juicy. This dish was beyond reproach.


(7) The Herb Roasted Milk Fed Veal Chop with Red Wine Sauce ($470) was exquisitely tender, with a skillfully concocted sauce which went perfectly with it.


(8) For desserts, our waiter recommended the Mascarpone Cream with Coffee Soaked Sponge Fingers ($120). What a fancy name for a tiramisu! The mascarpone cream was velvety and delicious, and we gave it a thumbs up despite its long-winded name!


(9) There was a selection of Homemade Gelati ($45 per scoop) on the menu, and we followed the waiter’s recommendation and ordered two scoops of chocolate gelato. The chocolate taste in the gelato was strong and refined, but the gelato was thick and creamy and I would have preferred it to be light and airy.


Conclusion: Grissini is an elegant and sophisticated restaurant that serves a range of enticing authentic Italian dishes. However, some of the dishes tasted rather disheartening and the overall food quality was inconsistent. Having said that, I still think that this smart restaurant with a world-class sea view deserves a try if you have never been here before!