Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Kitchen 11, 11/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道500號希慎廣場11樓Kitchen 11

Telephone: 2253 4111

平時我的口味比較”鬼妹”,偏愛吃西餐,但最近認識了一班豬朋狗友,令我突然狂吃日本菜。連續試了幾家日式咖哩餐廳,還是覺得 Izumi Curry 的咖哩比較有水準。Izumi Curry的咖哩汁味道夠濃, 辣度適中,而且較有層次感。日式 omelette 也做得十分出色, 非常嫩滑,蛋煎得一點也不老,而且很有蛋味。Izumi Curry的其他菜式味道有點兒參差,但整體而言, 都是一家值得去的餐廳!

I have been visiting Izumi Curry quite often lately. With four outlets in Hong Kong, Izumi Curry is a restaurant chain from Osaka which specialises in Japanese curries. I have only been going to the one in Hysan Place in Causeway Bay, as it is the closest one from where I live. Located at the corner of the food court, the restaurant has a clean and bright interior, with large windows and neat wooden chairs and tables.

The restaurant is open from 11am to 11pm everyday and doesn’t take reservations at all. There are many different curry dishes to choose from, and the prices are reasonable, with a meal typically costing around $120 per head. The curry sauce at Izumi Curry is accomplished, and has more depth and complexity than those at many other Japanese curry restaurants in Hong Kong. There is a good range of spices used in the sauce, and it also has a refined meaty taste and a suitably thick consistency.


(1) We ordered a portion of Fried Chicken ($39) to share, and the crunchy outer layer of the chicken was beautifully seasoned and nicely crispy. The dish arrived at our table piping hot, and the meat was soft and moist in the middle.


(2) The Octopus Balls with Cheese ($39) were utterly satisfying. They were a tad too mushy and could have been more chewy, but the thick layer of cheese and the chopped spring onions on top were simply decadent.


(3) The Special Beef Salad ($65) was very generous in size, but was not my favourite dish at the restaurant. The thinly sliced beef was marinated in a tangy sweet and sour sauce, but it was too fatty; together with a liberal amount of mayonnaise, the salad was too greasy for me.


(4) The Beef & Soft Omelet Curry Rice ($85) was a beautiful dish. Besides the flavourful curry sauce which I have already described above, the beef brisket was also thoroughly cooked and meltingly tender and the beef tendons were gelatinous and tasty. However, it was the Japanese omelette that truly made my heart sing. Fabulously runny and half-cooked, the omelette tasted gorgeously eggy and was simply beyond reproach!


(5) We wanted to try some noodles and ordered the Soft Omelet Curry Noodles ($59).  The udon was soft and smooth, and tasted wonderful in the thick curry broth.

DSCN2324_2 DSCN2327_2

(6) The curry at Izumi Curry comes in different levels of spiciness, but it cannot be non-spicy. As my friend S doesn’t eat spicy food, she opted for the Special Omelet Rice ($75), which was not hot at all. The layer of omelette over the rice was beautifully glossy, and the sauce, which had a hint of black pepper in it, tasted wonderful. The fried rice was enticingly sweet, and had some chicken meat in it.


(7) The Ox-Tongue Curry Rice ($99) followed. The ox-tongue was soft and delicate, but was too oily.


(8) There were some lunch sets on the menu, which came with a small salad and a drink. We ordered a Homemade Hamburger Steak Curry Rice Lunch Set ($88 + $10 for the omelette), and the waiter explained to us that the hamburger steak was specially made with a mixture of pork, beef and beef tendons, which gave it a perceptible chewiness. Despite how much I like chewy, springy food in general, this hamburger steak was overly chewy for me!

DSCN2226_2 DSCN2227_2

(9) Another lunch set that we ordered was the Deep Fried Chicken Curry Rice Lunch Set ($88). I liked how marvellously crunchy the deep fried chicken was, but my friend C thought that the batter was too thick.


Conclusion: Izumi Curry is a simple and lovely restaurant in the heart of Causeway Bay. Even though some of the dishes could be fine-tuned, the kitchen definitely has the curry sauce and the Japanese omelettes spot-on. Some diners find the prices at Izumi a bit hefty as compared with similar restaurants in town, but given high quality of the curries, it is definitely one of my top choices for a Japanese curry fix in Hong Kong.