Rating: ★★★★☆

Brand: Eve Lom

Product: The Eve Lom Cleanser

Price: HK$850 (100ml)

Website: https://www.evelom.com/

My all-time favourite British skincare brands are Jo Malone and Eve Lom. Born in Czechoslovakia, Eve Lom became a facialist in the US in the early 1980s and later relocated to London to study anatomy, nutrition and massage and acupuncture, before opening the first Eve Lom salon in London in 1984.

Eve Lom believes in using only a few simple but effective skin care, and believes that nowadays people are doing a disservice to their skin by putting on too many different products. The Eve Lom Cleanser is a testament to her theory, as it is a multi-purpose cleanser wich removes make-up, cleanses, exfoliates and tones at the same time. Celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans of this widely acclaimed product, and Vogue magazine has described it as “probably the best cleanser in the world”.


The Eve Lom Cleanser has a thick texture which is like a watered-down lip balm. The aromatic plant oils in the cleanser help remove make-up while moisturising at the same time, with the Egyptian chamomile oil being particularly suitable for the delicate eye area.

The cleanser is brilliant in removing all traces of make-up, and has a refreshing herbal and floral scent. You can apply the cleanser on your dry face, massage it around your face and then gently remove it with a piece of specially woven 100% cotton Muslin Cloth. My skin feels clean, moist and soft after using the cleanser, without being dry at all!


The cleanser is supposed to be suitable for all skin types, but I think it would be better for people with non-oily skin. While some customers peg it as the best cleanser they have ever used, some online reviewers with combination or oily skin sometimes find it too greasy. I have rather dry skin (thanks to my great love for coffee!), so this cleanser does not feel greasy at all, particularly if I clean it off with the Muslin Cloth afterwards.

Here is a demonstration video on how to use the cleanser.


This cleanser is sold at Lane Crawford and Joyce Beauty for $850, which is more expensive than most facial cleansers on the market, so I only use this product occasionally to give my tired skin some much needed deep-cleansing and refreshment.