Rating: ★★★★★

Address: Shop C, G/F, Hoi To Court, 15 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣景隆街15號海都大廈地下C舖

Telephone: 2893 8988


香港在近幾年開了多家有水準的咖啡店,除了我喜愛的Barista Jam,還有18 grams18 grams已經開了三家,除銅鑼灣之外,在尖沙咀及旺角也有分店。18 grams的咖啡香味濃郁,每家分店也有自己的house blend,銅鑼灣的叫Black Sheep,混合了來自四個不同地區的咖啡豆。他們也供應一系列all day breakfast和自製的甜品和蛋糕,用來送咖啡一流,價錢也很合理。

Hong Kong is becoming increasingly coffee savvy in recent years, which means that there are more decent coffee joints for a coffee-addict like me.

Besides Barista Jam (see my review here) in Sheung Wan which I am a big fan of, 18 grams is another cafe that I go to in the weekends whenever I need my coffee fix. Originally a small establishment in Causeway Bay, 18 grams now also has a branch in Tsim Sha Tsui and one in Mongkok. The Causeway Bay outlet is tiny, but thanks to its quick turnover, I never had to wait too long for a table in the afternoon (but I am not sure what it’s like in the morning). Each branch has its own house blend, and the Causeway Bay branch uses a blend called Black Sheep, which mixes coffee beans from four different regions and has an absolutely alluring aroma. Besides premium coffee, there are also an all day breakfast menu and a selection of delicious house made cakes. The prices at 18 grams are very reasonable, but note that they only accept cash or Octopus card for payment.


(1) I ordered a Flat White (large, $38), which tasted wonderful and had the perfect temperature and level of frothiness. The beautiful crema was a job well done.


(2) My friend S ordered a Chocolate Vienna (large, $42), a decadent chocolate drink with whipped cream. It was rich and tasty, but she couldn’t finish it in the end as we also ordered food.


(3) There was a decent selection on the all day breakfast menu, and we ordered an All Day Breakfast ($98), with toast, scrambled eggs, baked beans and sausages. The scrambled eggs were attractively smooth and runny, and the sausages were fantastically grilled and full of flavours.


(4) I enjoyed the Duck Focaccia ($62), as the lightly toasted focaccia were light and fluffy, and the smoked duck breast had an excellent taste. My only complaint was that there was a tad too much sauce in it.


(5) The cakes were accomplished. The Not quite brownie “brownie” ($25) had a layer of chocolate mousse on top, and a thick chunk of nutty chocolate brownie at the bottom –  I loved the different textures in this cake and it was moreish.


(6) The moussey texture of the Double chocolate cake ($25) meant that it was rich without being overly heavy, and the cocoa flavours were intense but not bitter.


(7) The New York Cheesecake ($25) was rich and enticing; it was rather sweet, but went perfectly well with my coffee.


The cafe is small and it could get quite hot if you sit at the tables near the entrance, so I may not come here too often in the summer. Having said that, 18 grams is still one of my favourite coffee shops in Hong Kong and I will be back in autumn!