Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 8/F LKF Tower, 55 D’Aguilar Street, Central 中環蘭桂坊德己立街55號LKF Tower 8樓

Telephone: 2905 1168

Casa Lisboa是一家在中環LKF Tower的葡萄牙餐廳。Casa Lisboa和西班牙餐廳Ole Spanish Restaurant是由同一個老闆Carmelo Lopez開的。兩家餐廳的食物都很有水準,前者的價錢較便宜,後者較貴。Casa Lisboa由星期一至星期五供應一個3道菜的午餐,現在每星期六有一個4道菜,價錢$250的brunch,更可以加$100任飲Sangri及葡萄酒,很超值。每道菜的份量都很大,其中我最喜歡吃脆皮烤乳豬和葡式鴨飯。週末和朋友來吃個brunch真寫意,但這個brunch menu很受歡迎,來之前記得要訂座!

I love going to Casa Lisboa for Portuguese food, and when I reviewed the restaurant last time (see my review here), I mentioned that their set lunch, available from Mondays to Fridays, offered excellent value. Now there is something else to get excited about, as the restaurant now serves a 4-course brunch at $250 on Saturdays, and you can add $100 for free-flow Sangria, Vinho Verde and Sparking Wine – this is the cheapest free-flow wine that I know of in Hong Kong!

The hearty, traditional offerings at Casa Lisboa have been given a modern, creative touch by  Portuguese-born Executive Chef Nelson Amorim.


(1) We tucked into some warm, fluffy buns that were served with butter, fresh cheese and sardine paste. I loved the milky taste and smooth texture of the fresh cheese.


(2) Feeling rather hungry in the morning, I was glad that my appetiser, Fried codfish cakes, soon arrived. The surface of the codfish cakes was deliciously crispy, but there was too much fish and too little potato in them, resulting in a rather coarse and stringy texture, which was unlike the velvety codfish cakes that I am used to.


(3) The Saute clams with garlic, lemon and coriander followed. The clams were fresh and plump, and the lemon juice and herbs gave this dish a refreshing note.


(4) The Stuffed crab, filled with generous strands of crabmeat in a creamy sauce, tasted sea-fresh and was very satisfying.


(5) The Octopus salad with lime oil was lively and vibrant. I liked the smooth, chewy octopus and the robust portion of salad, but some of my friends thought that there was too much vegetable in proportion to the amount of octopus.


(6) Vinho verde, a Portuguese green wine, is the signature house wine of Casa Lisboa. It is a light-bodied, refreshing wine with a slight fizz, which worked marvellously with our summery dishes.


(7) The Old style duck rice, served piping hot in a rustic clay pot, was irresistible. Enticingly crispy on the surface, the rice was soaked up with flavours and the duck meat was juicy and tender.


(8) The Roasted suckling pig Bairrada style is one of my favourite dishes at this restaurant. The skin was sinfully thick and crispy, and the smooth, succulent meat underneath was sensuous.


(9) While the Serradura was nicely garnished with some fresh fruits and shaved chocolate, its texture was a tad too soft and it was not as good as the serradura I had during my previous visit.


(10) The Traditional Portuguese chocolate cake which followed was a rich and satisfying dessert. The intense chocolate flavour was marvellous!


(11) We drank some Port wine with our deserts. Port wine is a sweet Portuguese fortified wine, which is often served as a dessert wine. I remember how much I enjoyed drinking this whenever I travelled to Portugal!


Casa Lisboa is a casual, comfortable restaurant that serves up decent Portuguese meals at very reasonable prices. Portuguese food-lovers, here’s a brunch to add to your diary!