Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Address: UG/F-1/F, The Plaza, 21 D’ Aguilar Street, Central 中環德己立街21號 The Plaza 高層地下

Telephone: 2868 9538



中環的上班族經常為了找Happy Hour地點而傷腦筋,上次為大家介紹了金鐘的Zelo,這次再介紹位於蘭桂坊德己立街的LUX Bistro & Bar。LUX的面積不大,下層是一個酒吧,而上層是較靜的lounge。LUX現在每天由6時至9時供應一個Sunset Tapas,$108便可在餐牌選一杯雞尾酒及一碟tapas,價錢很超值。食物味道當然不及城中有名氣的西班牙餐廳,但整體而然也不錯,cocktail也有很多選擇。

The office crowd in Central is always looking for happy hour haunts, and LUX Bistro & Bar, located right at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, could be a name to add to your list. Operated by Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments (of Kyoto Joe, Tokio Joe and the Whiskey Priest), this bistro and bar is a small but sleek venue that is split over two floors – downstairs is a boisterous, buzzing bar, while upstairs is an intimate, elegant lounge.

I came here with my friend M to try out LUX‘s Sunset Tapas set, available from 6-9pm everyday, where you can pick 1 tapas and 1 drink from the menu for $108. Tempted by the other offerings on the menu, however, we ended up ordering much more than just one tapas each.


(1) I ordered a Choco Melon ($110), a dessert-like cocktail made with cacao white, midori, vanilla syrup and nitrogen, and served with chocolate ice cream. The chocolate ice cream had an interesting, powdery texture and the drink was foamy and citrus in a refreshing way.


(2) The Lux Tea Party ($215), a signature cocktail of LUX made with vodka, sour apple liqueur, black berry jam and earl grey tea, was brought to our table. Smartly presented in a Chinese tea pot, white smoke from dry ice emerged from the drink and we were told to drink from the tea cup only after all the smoke has disappeared (so that we wouldn’t burn our tongues). This fruity drink tasted of grapes and berries, and was lifted by a strong alcoholic kick.


(3) With our cocktails in hand, we moved on to the tapas and tucked into the Deep-fried Crabmeat Cake ($98), served with a fresh fennel and arugula salad.  The crabmeat cakes were a job well done – served piping hot, each piece was filled with tasty strands of crabmeat, and the surface was also attractively crunchy.


(4) The Grilled Whole Calamari stuffed with chanterelle & white mushrooms ($88) followed. Even though I wished the calamari had a firmer texture, the chopped mushrooms, dressed in a deliciously creamy sauce, were a great match with the calamari.


(5) The Sizzling Tiger Prawns with bell peppers and onions ($98) were full of bold, exciting flavours.


(6) A set of flaming skewers ($98) of chicken, beef and lamb was served next. The beef and the chicken tasted fine, but were a tad too dry and overcooked. The lamb was the best one amongst the three, and was flavourful with a good bite.


(7) We also tried the Deep-Fried Beer Battered Fillet of Cod & Chips ($98). The cod fish had a beautifully fatty taste, and was airy and crispy on the surface, while still succulent and tender on the inside. The potato chips, however, could have been crunchier.


(8) Lastly, we shared a portion of French Blue Mussels with Linguine ($135). The French blue mussels had an appealing texture and a delicate taste, while the cream sauce which had a perceptible taste of garlic gave this pasta some zing.


The tapas at LUX may not be some of the finest in Hong Kong, but they are overall decent. In terms of pricing, the items on the à la carte menu are normal for restaurants in Central, but the Sunset Tapas set does offer fantastic value. Given the restaurant and bar’s prime location in Central, it could be an option if you ever run out of ideas for happy hour venues.