Rating: ★★★★★

Address: Room 26, 2/F, Shing Yip Industrial Building, 19-21 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong 觀塘成業街19-21號成業工業大廈2樓26室

Telephone: 2389 6756

The prohibitive rental prices in central areas of Hong Kong have led to the opening of restaurants in more remote locations, and the industrial buildings in Kwun Tong have become home to quite a few culinary establishments, such as CHEFS Cooking School (see my review here) and Ho Wun Keung Kee, a down-to-earth Chinese eatery.

The restaurant is a small, intimate space that can accommodate around 60 diners. There are only a few staff and they can sometimes get a bit busy, but they do try their best to be attentive and helpful to their customers. Note though, that bookings in the weekend have to be made almost a month in advance, most of the dishes have to be pre-ordered and the restaurant only accepts cash for payment.


(1) Our meal started with the almond juice and pork lung soup. The almond taste was perceptible, and there was a generous amount of thoroughly cooked pork lungs, which was pleasantly soft and did not have any unpleasant intestinal taste at all. This soup was comparable to the pork lung soup at fine Chinese restaurants, but at a fraction of the price!


(2) The salt and pepper shrimps‘ seasoning was spot on, their surface was deliciously crunchy and they were fresh and juicy.


(3) The steamed crab with egg white and huadiao wine was fabulous. The crab was flavourful, and the egg white tasted strongly of fragrant huadiao wine and was done perfectly – velvety, but not overly watery so that it started falling apart.


(4) The whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice was a real gem – the deep-fried skin of the chicken was wafer-thin and melted like butter in the mouth, while the glutinous rice stuffing had the perfect balance flavours and textures. This dish has to be ordered 3 days in advance, but it is definitely worth the effort!


(5) The homemade barbequed pork, cut into deliciously thick pieces, had a salty-sweet sauce which was nice and not too malty. The pan-fried minced pork with salted fish was fried until golden and crispy; the salted fish added a fantastic tang and the minced pork having a perfect level of saltiness.


(6) The deep fried red beancurd spare ribs had a light, crunchy outer layer and also had a perceptible taste of red beancurd (“nam yu”). It was a moreish dish that was perfect to go with beer!


(7) The Chinese kale in claypot arrived at our table sizzling and stayed hot for a long time. It was a tad salty and oily, but if you aren’t afraid of strong flavours, then you would surely find it very enjoyable!


(8) Our dessert was the wolfberry and osmanthus pudding. The osmanthus gave off a delightful floral scent and the jelly had a fabulously soft, springy texture.


The best thing about this small eatery was that all the dishes arrived at our table piping hot, which made them extra tasty. The restaurant adjusted the portions of the à la carte dishes for us to cater for the number of diners, and the final bill for this gorgeous, mouthwatering feast was only around $200 per head. Sometimes I can get a bit lazy with going to these hole-in-the-wall eateries, but Ho Wun Keung Kee is a real winner for me and I am definitely coming back!

(N.B. The restaurant will be closed in October and November 2013 for renovations.)