Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Shop B2, 101/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀柯士甸道西1號環球貿易廣場(ICC)101樓B2號舖

Telephone: 2673 3839


Nestled on the 101st floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) amongst other high-end restaurants, including Japanese restaurant Inakaya and Cantonese restaurant Dragon Seal, Sky Crystal is the Crystal Jade group’s first upscale Shanghainese restaurant in Hong Kong.


Originating from Singapore, the Crystal Jade chain is famous for their reliable, reasonably-priced Shanghainese cuisine, as well as their broth-filled, utterly satisfying xiao long baos. In addition to xiao long baos, you will also find on Sky Crystal‘s menu some expensive dishes which are not offered at Crystal Jade, such as seafood, bird’s nest and shark’s fin, probably to cater for the business crowd in West Kowloon. The luxuriously decorated restaurant is made even more spectacular by a panoramic view of the Kowloon side, and the smartly dressed staff were attentive and helpful. Do, however, be prepared to pay for the privilege, as prices here aren’t comparable with those at Crystal Jade outlets!


(1) A steaming tray of steamed “siu mai” dumplings with scallop and black truffle ($98, 4pcs) arrived at our table. The taste of the truffle paste was meek, but the siu mais were otherwise well done and attractively juicy.


(2) The house special 4 flavoured xiao long bao ($92) followed. We picked these four flavours: foie gras & steamed pork, black truffle & steamed pork, vegetables & black iberico pork and spicy chicken. I only tried the foie gras xiao long bao, which was definitely accomplished – thin-skinned and filled with broth, the foie gras flavour was distinctive and it definitely lived up to the usual Crystal Jade soup dumpling standards!


(3) The carrot-shaped Chinese pastry with grated radish filling ($68, 3 pcs) looked adorable, and was completely tasty too – the pastry was well-layered and crispy, and inside each piece was hot, satisfyingly moist radish filling.


(4) These homemade wine-flavoured eggs ($38 each) did not excite me at first sight, as the yolks were not as molten as some other Shanghainese smoked eggs. However, taking a first bite changed my views, as the sweet, pungent huadiao wine flavour was intense, giving this dish a lot of flair!


(5) Another cute looking dish was the steamed bean-shaped dumplings with scallop ($68, 3 pcs). I enjoyed the gelatinous wrapper in a beautiful shade of light green, but due to its shape, there was very little scallop in each bite.


(6) These deep fried diced abalone dumplings ($98, 3pcs) had a gorgeously chewy dough, and the filling was well diced and faultlessly seasoned.


(7) Some luxurious items on the menu included the double-boiled fish maw soup with morel mushroom & conch ($288). The fish maw was generous in size and was smooth, plump and thoroughly cooked. However, the soup lacked deepness and was not as flavour-packed as fish maw soups at some other restaurants.


(8) The deep-fried chicken ($360 half) was tender, and a tangy sauce was just the right companion for it.


(9) Sky Crystal offers a series of dishes made with Chinese yam, which according to Chinese medicine is very beneficial to health. One dish we tried was the poached asparagus wrapped with shredded Chinese yam in spinach soup ($168). It was a commendable dish with a symphony of invigorating vegetable tastes; the crispness of the spinach was a great match with the slimy, thinly-shredded Chinese yam, and the dish was mellow yet balanced.


(10) The braised pork in sea cucumber shape ($230, 6 pcs) completely cheered me up! Crafted to resemble a sea cucumber, each piece comprised chopped up braised pork wrapped in a sweet, thick wrapper. It was creative, playful and delicious!



(11) These mini egg tarts with bird’s nest ($108, 3pcs) had a nice, velvety custard filling, but the pastry was too powdery and crumbled completely as we bit into it.


(12) A smart dessert platter rounded up our meal, and amongst the desserts we tried, the red date puddings ($45, 3 pcs) were the winner for me. They had a perceptible, natural taste of red dates and their texture was excellently chewy and gelatinous.


Marketed as a high-end restarant, the dishes at Sky Crystal were overall tasty but at times lacked finesse. If you don’t mind paying a premium, not for the food, but for a breathtaking view, sumptuous decor and a prestigious location on the 101st floor of ICC, then do come to this restaurant. In terms of value for money, however, Crystal Jade wins hands down.