Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 108 Hollywood Road, SOHO, Sheung Wan 上環蘇豪荷李活道108號

Telephone: 2613 9286


近年流行吃weekend brunch,在香港不少餐廳也可以吃得到。雖然選擇很多,但Blue Butcher的Sunday brunch是我其中最喜愛之一,因為餐廳有即煎鵝肝,即製熱烘烘的比利時華夫餅,還可以每人點一道份量很大的主菜。這半自助餐每位只是$390, 比很多酒店的自助餐便宜! 要來的話要三星期前預定哦!

Blue Butcher, the New York-style steak house opened by the cool kids Maximal Concepts (of Brickhouse, newly opened Fish & Meat and PLAY), is best known for their mouthwatering dry aged steaks, dangerously delicious, award-winning cocktails and their awesome Sunday brunch.

The most special thing about the Sunday brunch is that it is basically all your dreams come true. Keep reading, and you will find out what is so great about it!

At only $390 per head, you can eat your heart out at this semi-buffet brunch while listening to soul-soothing live guitar music.

Picture 188_2

(1) We paid $180 for free flow prosecco, and the other options are free flow sangria ($250) and free flow Veuve Cliquot. ($290).

Picture 182_2

(2) Sometimes oysters of a mediocre quality are served at buffets, but these freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters were decent and enticing.

Picture 165_2

(3) At the cold starter buffet were some of my favourite salads, such as the caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella and marinated tomatoes.

Picture 172_2

(4) The watermelon with Spanish ham was also delightful, and the feta cheese added a rich, delicious touch. (On a random note, the use of watermelon in dishes seems to be globally popular these days!)

Picture 174_2

(5) One of the most exciting things at the brunch is the foie gras station! Each piece of foie gras was carefully pan-fried and served on toasted brioche with jam.

Picture 193_2

The foie gras was flavourful, and the brioche was suitably crispy and fluffy.

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(6) Each person could order one main course, and we decided to order a dry aged roast of the day (add $180) to share. The portion was frighteningly robust, and would have been big enough to feed a family of four! The beef had a fantastic meaty flavour, but was a tad too chewy.

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(7) The slow poached egg, Serrano ham and mushrooms on crunchy sourdough was egg-cellent! The egg was fabulously runny and delicate, while the saltiness of the Serrano ham lifted the mellow flavours of the dish.

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(8) The wagyu beef burger was enjoyable. The beef patty was well textured and the balsamic onions and smoked gouda cheese tasted beautiful. Our only complaint was that the fries were too hard in the middle (we preferred soft-middled fries).

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(9) Besides the foie gras station, the other thing at brunch which makes me and my friends go beserk is the Belgian waffle station. What is not to love about watching the creation of this hot, spongy waffle…

Picture 202_2

…and piling on toppings, such as whipped cream, berries and maple syrup, and turning it into a breath-taking dessert? If I were to be very picky, which I am, I would note that the waffle wasn’t completely Belgian-style, as Belgian waffles tend to be more dense, buttery and caramelised. Nonetheless, this waffle platter was heaven on a plate!

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(10) It is close to impossible not to eat one waffle after another, but do bear in mind that there are other amazing desserts awaiting you. The chocolate bread & butter pudding with rum banana ice cream was simply unforgettable. The pudding was moist and velvety without being too buttery, and the rum and banana ice cream was gorgeous!

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(11) Even if you were so full that you almost wanted to kill yourself, you should still consider trying a spoon of mango & passion fruit sorbet – it was very light, and tasted refreshingly fruity and succulent!

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It is admirable how Blue Butcher managed to roll so many scrumptious foods into one brunch – the sparkling wines, the oysters, the freshly-made foie gras toast, the wagyu beef burger, the DIY waffles and the bread and butter pudding….Remember to book at least 3 weeks in advance, and go crazy when you are there!