Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 1/F, 8-13 Wo On Lane, Wo On Building, Central, Hong Kong 中環和安里8-13號和安樓1樓

Telephone: 2525 3599


When Common Room first opened, I was swept off my feet by its mouthwatering snacks, dangerously delicious cocktails and comfortable, laid-back decor. It has been a while since the gastropub opened in 2013, and a new selection of snacks and drinks have now appeared on its menu.

(1) I ordered a glass of Mandarin Stud ($115), a drink to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Horse, as “stud” means a group of high-quality horses. This drink, made with vodka, mandarin, lemon juice, raspberry muddle and raw egg, had an utterly refreshing mandarin fragrance, and a good alcoholic kick too.


(2) The Sweet Potato Fries ($58) never fail to cheer me up – their soft, powdery texture, crunchy surface and natural sweetness were deeply comforting. I found the potato fries that night a tad irregularly shaped, not that it affected the taste in any way.


(3) The boys behind the Privé Group are not only party animals, they certainly love their food too, and many of Common Room’s new dishes have been inspired by their recent international travels. The Pulled Pork Poutine ($98) was as good as what you would find in Canada or the USA! The sauce, a mixture of melted cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, was explosively flavourful yet not overly greasy, and the pork had an impressive smokiness.


(4) The Portobello Mushroom Sliders ($98) were as delicious as any beef burger, minus the meat. The deep-fried portobello mushrooms were exquisitely juicy, and the Gruyère cheese, caramelised onions and avocado made it extra enjoyable.


(5) The Charred Sweet Corn Salad ($58) was a welcomed break from the rest of our indulgent dishes. The sweet corn, basil, tomatoes and onions offered a symphony of light, refreshing flavours, and the tortilla chips were good to munch on.


(6) Not many restaurants in Hong Kong serve lobster rolls, so I knew that the Madison Lobster Roll ($138) was a must-order for me, and I was not disapppointed! There was a generous amount of lobster meat in the roll, and the paprika and lemon juice accentuated the lobster’s irresistable flavours. I appreciated how there wasn’t too much dressing to drown out the lobster, and the lightly buttered bun was fluffy and delicious.


(7) The Lovebird Tacos ($110) were a February special for Valentine’s Day. The maple grazed duck breast was flavourful and smoky, and the avocado was ripe and creamy. I personally might have preferred tortillas to taco chips though!


(8) Even though the entertainment group is mainly run by men, they do know how to create drinks and desserts to please the ladies. This Bailey’s & Coffee Cheese Cake will make a girl squeal in joy – the Bailey’s and coffee flavours were perfectly balanced and worked surprisingly well in a cheese cake. It was sheer deliciousness!


I was pleased with the new dishes on Common Room’s menu. Sometimes the service here may be slow, but with such reasonably priced, scrumptious food, this gastropub remains a gem in LKF.