Rating: ★★★★★

Address: G/F, Peel Street, Central 中環卑利街48號地下

Telephone: 2880 0248

High quality steaks in Hong Kong are in general quite expensive, and newly opened La Vache is able to gape a hole in the market by offering delicious steaks that are undamaging to the wallet.

Located on the buzzing Peel Street, La Vache is a bistro-style steakhouse that pays homage to the renowned Le Relais de Venise steak frites chain by serving a simple menu, priced at $258, of baguette, green salad, steak and unlimited fries. The decor of the restaurant is laid-back and inviting, with red and white checked tablecloths and leather booths completing a cosy Parisian bistro set-up.  

The restaurant only takes reservations for parties of 6 people or more, so if you have a small party and do not wish to wait for a table, try coming during the week or a bit earlier in the evening.


Each of us was presented with a small plate of bread. The baguette dough was delivered from France and freshly baked at the restaurant. It had a fantastic texture with just the right level of chewiness.


I ordered a glass of house red wine, called La Vache ($78), which had enough tannin and body to accompany the steak.


A green salad with walnuts arrived. While the salad was only meant as a precursor to the steak frites, it completely wowed us, as the salad leaves were startlingly fresh, and the sprinkling of walnuts and the dressing hit all the right notes – it was definintely the most satisfying salad I have had recently.


Our steaks were sliced up and presented on a silver platter placed over a small burner. The USDA trimmed entrecôte steak was pleasantly tender and pink middled, but I wished its outer layer was crispier and more charred. The housemade béarnaise sauce, prepared with La Vache’s secret recipe, was a delightful concoction of flavours, and a tart note gave it more kick than the usual béarnaise sauces.


Our steak came with unlimited fries, which were hot, crunchy and suitably salted. My friends and I certainly got our money’s worth, as we ate a whole pile of fries!


The set menu didn’t include desserts, and a dessert trolley was rolled out as soon as we finished our steaks. There was no doubt that we succumbed to the temptation, as we ended up ordering 5 desserts amongst the 3 of us!


The tarte tatin ($88) was alluringly sweet and fruity, and the caramelised apples were particularly enjoyable.


The croquembouche ($78) was my favourite dessert, as the cream-filled choux pastry balls, topped with caramel, were utterly irresistable.


The generous amount of cream in the Paris Brest ($98) made me very happy!


The lemon tart ($78) was refreshing, and the thin meringue topping was crispy and tasty.


The Crème Caramel ($78) was attractively soft and smooth, and was done just the way it should be.


The food at La Vache was accomplished, and the prices are also incredibly budget friendly, provided that you don’t go crazy on the desserts like we did. It is an awesome venue for steak frites, and certainly deserves to be one of the most popular new restaurants in town!