Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central 中環蘭桂坊12號地下

Telephone: 2869 0099

Rockabilly, the newest bar to take up residence in Lan Kwai Fong, is going to rock Hong Kong’s hungry souls with its enticing offerings of draft beers, spiked slushies and gourmet snacks.

Rockabilly is an operation by the Eclipse Hospitality Group, which also runs Café Siam, TAKU and Coyote Bar & Grill. Split over two floors, the bar’s decor takes inspiration from an abandoned car repair shop and tattoo parlour, with neon signage and vintage fixtures imbuing the space with a sense of effortless cool.

The Blue Moon slushie ($50) was a tasty start to a fun-filled evening. Made with white rum, Curaçao, pineapple juice and coconut milk, it tasted very similar to a piña colada but was in a rather confusing blue colour.


The other girls ordered a Pink Cadillac slushie ($50), made of Tequila Reposado, Grenadine and fresh lemon and lime juice, which tasted citrus and refreshing, and a Purple Haze slushie ($65), a beautiful two-tiered drink made of Blue Moon slushie and Pink Cadillac slushie, which turned purple as the two colours gradually mixed together.


I went to Rockabilly with the Sassy Girls, who just happen to be some of the coolest and most adorable girls in town, and all of us were over the moon when we saw the 7 types of irresistable fries on the menu.

The pepperoni pizza fries ($72) were sheer deliciousness, with the generous toppings of cheese, crispy pepperoni and homemade tomato sauce hitting all the right notes. The poutine fries ($75) were a favourite for some of us, as the beef gravy was excellently flavourful, but I wished there was more melted cheese in it (see the pulled pork poutine I had at Common Room).


The chili cheese fries ($75) and the bbq cheese fries ($72) both had a delightful punch.


The garlic aioli fries ($75), with an intense garlic taste, were a gorgeous symphony of flavours. The chicken curry fries ($85) were an inspired creation, and were a tad more filling than the rest of the fries as there was some chicken meat in them.


The Rockabilly Wings ($98), a signature dish on the menu, were worth every calorie. Marinated for 48 hours in a mixture of herbs and then deep fried, the chicken wings were magnificently crunchy on the surface and exquisitely tender on the inside, and their herbal flavours were outstanding.


The bar’s menu features 8 beef sliders and 3 gourmet sliders, and it was only right that we tried at least a few of these! We ordered the “Boss Hog” pork belly sliders ($138), and I found the well-grilled and juicy pork belly a great complement with the refreshing redslaw. My only complaint was that the pork belly could have been more tender.


The “Sponge Bob” fried fish sliders ($138), served with a dollop of tartar sauce, were truly satisfying, and the freshly fried fish was piping hot and satisfying.


Last but not least, the Smokey Monroe sliders ($122) completely blew our mind – the beef patty was thick and remarkably juicy, and they were the perfect partner for my Blue Moon slushie!


The menu of Rockabilly may be limited (we tried almost every item on the menu), but each dish has been well thought out and delivered a lasting impression. Do look out for their happy hour promotions: $10 Tuesdays ($10 sliders all night with the purchase of any beverage), Rock-A-Betty Wednesdays (free slushies for the ladies from 6pm – 9pm upstairs) and Draft Thursdays (free slider with the purchase of any draft beer)- these will make your tummy, as well as your wallet, very happy!