Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: G/F, Shop C, 2 Mee Lun Street, Central 中環美輪街2號地下C舖

Telephone: 2542 3960


Good things come to those who wait, and this has never been more true in the Hong Kong dining scene, where popular venues often have to be booked weeks in advance. The Tea Room by Antique Pâtisserie is a members only tea room that is renowned for their impressive tea selection and tasty afternoon tea sets. You can become a member by paying a $4,000 deposit, which is redeemable in full within a year, and a membership gives you perks such as a free afternoon tea set on your birthday and certain discounts. I didn’t join a membership as I wouldn’t have time to come here often, so I booked a table through my concierge, Quintessentially, who give their members access to many exclusive venues and events in Hong Kong.

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The private tea room is inviting and comfortable, with the interior resembling a quaint Victorian-style living room, complete with armcharms and a fireplace. This intimate eatery only seats around 20-30 customers and is a very popular venue for private events, therefore bookings sometimes have to be made up to 4 weeks in advance. Afternoon tea sets, at $260 per person (no service charge), have to be reserved in advance, and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

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The tea room has a wide selection of artisanal teas on offer. We were presented with a tea menu which contained a description of each tea, and also a tray of glass jars for us to smell each type of tea leaves. The teas smelled incredibly enticing, and we had an awfully difficult time picking our favourite one!

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After much struggle, I decided to order On Va Se Revoir, a blend with nanah mint, bergamot of Calabria, pepper of Madagascar and orange blossom nanah. The tea was beautifully aromatic, and was lifted by a few refreshing minty and fruity notes.

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Two chocolate truffles, a dark chocolate truffle and a white chocolate truffle, were brought to our table, and both of them were enjoyable.

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Our tea set for two persons arrived, and there was an attractive selection of sweet and savoury foods.

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On the top tier were the scones and pastries. There were three different scones: plain scone, raisin scone and earl grey scone, and they were delicious. The earl grey scone had a detectable earl grey flavour, but I wished the taste of tea was stronger. The spinach puff and sausage puff were nicely flaky and flavourful.

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Many restaurants in Hong Kong serve whipped cream, instead of clotted cream, with scones, so I was glad to find that we were given some gorgeously smooth and creamy clotted cream.

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The middle tier was my favourite one. The egg sandwich with truffles and chives had an intense aroma of black truffle, and the egg was beautifully half cooked. The curry chicken sandwich was well judged, and the curry flavour was mouthwatering and spot on. The bacon quiche was deliciously sweet and buttery.

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There were two macarons on the bottom tier, a blueberry macaron and a matcha macaron. The macarons were too dry, but the matcha one had a refined green tea flavour. The chocolate meringue and mousse cake was a job well done – the meringue had just the right texture, and the mousse was light and smooth. The blueberry mousse cake was delicious, but it was the hazelnut mousse cake which blew my mind, as it was irresistiably velvety with an intense hazelnut flavour.

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I found the afternoon tea set tasty and enjoyable, but my only complaint is that there was only one waitress to serve customers in the entire tea room. Nonetheless, this seems to be an incredible venue for private functions, such as bridal showers, birthday parties and baby showers!