Rating: ★★★☆☆

Address: Shop 2, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai 灣仔大王東街28號2號舖

Telephone: 2528 9505

As I mentioned in my review of Little Bao, the whole of Hong Kong seems to be in love with baos right now. Located near Ship Street on Wanchai, Bao Wow is a lively fast food restaurant that specialises in Taiwanese gua baos. While Little Bao serves a rather Westernized version of baos, like a sandwich or a burger, Bao Wow’s baos are Taiwanese style, with the steamed buns folded over like tacos. Little Bao serves a somewhat more sophisticated selection of baos than Bao Wow, but one has to bear in mind that these two restaurants charge completely different prices – a meal at Little Bao will set you back around $400-$500 per head, while a typical meals at Bao Wow costs below $100 per head

Photo 244_2 

(1) As the restaurant does not have a liquor license yet, feel free to take advantage of the free corkage! I did not feel like drinking that night, and instead ordered a winter melon tea ($15), which was a tasty, mellow Taiwanese canned drink.

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(2) The taro fries ($22), which came with a dip, were crunchy and tasty, and it is worth mentioning that they were just a tad healthier than potato fries!

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(3) The Kimchi cheese fries ($48) were a guilty pleasure – covered in a thick, generous layer of grilled cheese, this spicy snack packed a punch!

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(4) There are 2 of the same baos in a normal serving, except for the Bao Platter ($168), which comes with 1 of each of the 6 baos and is great for sharing.

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I tried the original gua bao ($58 per order of 2 baos), which was intentionally very fatty, and the braised pork belly, Chinese relish, cilantro, crushed peanuts red sugar offered a nice range of flavours. I wished, though, that there were more citrus elements to help cut through the fattiness of the pork belly!

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(5) The Kimchi bulgogi bao ($58 per order of 2 baos), packed with grilled sliced beef, kimchi, bean sprouts and dressed in a homemade bulgogi sauce, was appetising, but the flavouring could have been stronger.

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(6) I liked the taste of sesame in the Pangpang chicken bao ($58), and the shredded chicken, cucumber and crushed sichuan spicy peanuts complemented each other well. However, again, stronger flavouring  was needed!

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(7) The sesame ginger pork chop ($58), in a homemade sesame ginger sauce, was delightful, and I adored the pork chop which was ultra crispy on the surface.

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(8) The Thai fish fillet bao ($58) was filled with a piece of fried fish fillet and Asian Slaw. The fish was well-fried and tender on the inside, but the homemade Thai fish sauce needed more zing.

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(9) The vegetarian Teriyaki tofu bao ($58) was my favourite bao of the night! The fried egg tofu was beautifully tender and smooth, and the teriyaki sauce added comforting flavours without being overpowering.

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(10) For dessert, we tried the Bao fries ($28), which were served with Ovaltine condensed milk. This dessert reminded me of the Spanish dessert, churros, and was very enjoyable!

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Bao Wow still has some way to go with their food items – their baos in general need more layering in their flavours, and their “homemade” sauces, in particular, need to be much tangier! However, given their prime location in Wanchai, wallet-friendly prices and free corkage (for now at least), this fast food restaurant remains an option to satisfy bao cravings!