Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Shop 127, Phrase 1, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin 沙田新城市廣場1期127號舖

Telephone: 2681 2200


JC Group, the group behind trendy dining outlets including Inakaya, Mekiki no Ginji and Harlan’s, have recently opened their first Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong, located in the family-friendly shopping mall in, New Town Plaza, in Sha Tin. Opened in December 2013, Pearl Delight is a bright and inviting restaurant that offers a combination of classic as well as innovative Cantonese dishes.

The kitchen is helmed by chef Kwok Kam Man, previously of West Villa Restaurant, who is an experienced chef renowned for inventing his own version of glazed barbecued pork. 

The service at this eatery may be slow at times, but the staff are in general friendly and hardworking. There is a decent selection on the menu, and the prices are very reasonable.

(1) The sautéed duck tongue with homemade sauce ($88) was wonderfully flavorful, and each duck tongue was nicely plumped up with sauce.


(2) The chestnut with coffee sauce ($55) was an interesting creation, and the coffee flavour was surprisingly complementary with the chestnuts! I wished, though, that the chestnuts were a tad softer.


(3) The steamed pumpkin and taro cake with sakura shrimp (pre-ordered) looked beautiful, and tasted very pleasant too! The two-tiered pumpkin and taro cake was moist and packed with natural flavours, and the sakura shrimps added a punch.


(4) The pork meat dumplings with pork’s stomach ($36) didn’t sound very appealing to me at first, but I absolutely adored them after my first bite! The pork’s stomach was smooth and delightfully chewy, and the dumpling was a gorgeous blend of flavours.


(5) The barbecued pork with honey sauce ($98) was the star of the night. The inch-thick barbecued pork was prepared without any use of soda powder to soften the meat (soda powder tends to take away meats’ natural flavours), and it was roasted in high temperature before being served with a generous portion of honey glaze. There was a marvellous charred flavour on the surface, while the meat inside remained succulent and juicy. This should be the best barbecued pork in the area!


(6) The deep fried wrapped prawns with sweet and sour sauce (pre-ordered) looked incredibly appetising, but I found them a tad too crunchy and difficult to dissemble.


(7) The Pearl fried rice ($83) was a job well done. The rice had the perfect level of moistness, and the flavours and textures were well balanced, with the red rice adding extra bite.


(8) The Pearl seafood noodles ($88) were completely comforting – the sauce was flavour-packed and well judged, and the dish was delicious and indulgent without being oily at all.


Pearl Delight is a great eatery for some unfussy, cheerful dim sums, roasted meats and other Cantonese delicacies in Sha Tin!