Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 3/F, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Telephone: 2871 9993

Email: Reservation@nur.hk


I love restaurants that have new and innovative ideas, and everytime a pioneering concept is introduced in Hong Kong, it makes me incredibly excited.

Restaurant NUR is a restaurant based on the idea of “nourishing gastronomy”, which means healthy, fine foods which are not heart attacks on a plate. Inspired by world famous restaurants such as Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons by Raymond Blanc and Copenhagen’s Nordic Food Lab (NOMA), NUR combines the best culinary techniques with nutritional science and research to create gastronomy that will leave diners feeling light, satisfied and inspired.

“NUR” means “light” in Arabic and is also named after Head Chef Nurdin Topham, who spent 5 years as the personal Development Chef to Raymond Blanc and more recently spent time at the NOMA in a research & development capacity. Chef Nurdin and the team spent half a year researching and developing dishes and exploring Hong Kong’s rich culinary heritage, and I was very fortunate to be able to attend a pre-opening tasting of Restaurant NUR’s revolutionary dishes!

This incredible, mind-blowing gastronomic journey is presented in the form of two tasting menus: a 9-course “LIGHT” menu at $788 per head, and a 12-course “FEAST” menu at $988 per head.

(1) We started off with Carrots, a duo of raw carrots and slow cooked carrots, served with home cultured cream and seasoned with fennel and cumin. The natural sweetness of the carrots shone brilliantly, and the seasoning was spot on.

Photo 199_2

(2) Beetroot followed, which comprised of beetroot chutney and watercress emulsion served on crisp beetroot taco wafer. Admittedly I am not normally the biggest fan of beetroots, but this snack completely wowed me – the crunchy wafers and the creamy emulsion were the startlingly delicious.

Photo 203_2

(3) Shot glasses of green juices were offered to us as palate cleansers, and I felt completely energized and cleansed by this delicious, fruity juices!

 Photo 202_2

(4) Tomatoes was my favourite dish of the entire meal. A clear broth was made from organic heirloom tomatoes, king crab, Thai basil oil and NUR homegrown herbs and blossoms. The delicate, cold broth was intensely flavourful and utterly comforting and satisfying – it completely stole my heart!

Photo 206_2

(5) The Salad almost looked too pretty to eat. Made with organic lettuces, garden vegetables, toasted sourdough croutes and served with Parmesan cream and Périgord black truffle dressing, this dish had a cascade of refreshing flavours and textures. My only complaint was that there was slightly too much going on, and I personally preferred a salad with slightly fewer ingredients.

Photo 208_2

(6) As the first few courses were all very light, we were glad that some home baked mixed grain and seeded sourdough bread was brought to us. The bread was naturally fermented without using any yeast, and it was simply some of the softest, airiest sourdough I have ever tried!

Photo 220_2

The mushroom butter was also velvety and completely enjoyable.


Photo 221_2

(7) Egg was a dish of slow poached, served with a mixed grain mushroom porridge, roasted Shiitake mushrooms, garlic chive emulsion and cured egg yolk. Not only did it look absolutely enticing, its flavours were completely scrumptious too – the richness of the egg was an admirable complement with the mellow, vegetal flavours of the roasted mushrooms.

Photo 296_2

(8) Salmon was very well received at our table. Lightly poached, organic Irish salmon was served with home smoked cultured cream, fresh dill and dill oil. The salmon was irresistably flavoured, and was nicely lifted by a bright, refreshing note of dill.

Photo 294_2

(9) Beef followed, which was 48-hour slow-cooked Wagyu beef cheek, served with black garlic purée, pickled shallots, Kai-lan and toasted garlic. The beef was wonderfully cooked and intensely flavoured, but after having all these light, mild courses that preceded, some of us found this dish a tad overwhelming and overly filling.

Photo 223_2

(10) The dessert was a strawberry granite, served with crème fraîche ice cream. This dessert was pristine and utterly addictive – the crème fraîche ice cream was sublime, and was a match made in heaven with the clean-tasting strawberry granite.

 Photo 297_2

 Dinner at Restaurant NUR was a completely unique and remarkable dining experience for me. All the dishes were ruthlessly creative and meticulously executed. The restaurant officially opens on 1 April 2014, and I do expect this gem to be packed every single night for the coming months!