Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: G/F, 14 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang 大坑新村街14號地下

Telephone: 3689 4400

Chor Bazare, which opened around half a year ago, is the first Indian eatery to take up residence in the lively, restaurant-filled neighbourhood of Tai Hang. Named after a bustling thief market in India where everything from Indian handicrafts to Victorian antique furniture can be found, restaurant owner Chopra Amit seeks to surprise and tantalise diners by offering a wide, exciting selection of Indian foods, from masala and Goan curries to kadai and madras. Even the bread section alone has over a dozen options!  

This intimate restaurant only accommodates around ten diners and the seating is slightly crammed, but it is cosy and inviting, with its walls adorned by knick-knacks that are similar to those found in street markets. There was one waiter at the entire restaurant, who was hard-working and unfailingly warm.

Photo 081_2

(1) I ordered a mango lassi ($48), which was more watery than expected, but had a refreshing fizz from the addition of soda.

Photo 098_2

(2) The portions were in general larger than expected. The samosas ($38), which were almost the size of a fist, filled us up immediately. The outer layer was light and crispy, and the filling was well-spiced and tangy.

Photo 099_2

(3) The lentil soup ($46) was warm and satisfying, and a hint of lemon juice pleasantly offset the richness of the soup.

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(4) The flavouring of the chicken curry ($88) was spot-on, and the chicken was chunky and deliciously fresh.

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(5) The vegetarian paneer palak ($76) was full-bodied and indulgent, and had well balanced flavours.

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(6) Freshly baked garlic naan ($22) was brought to our table in a sack to keep it piping hot, and it was certainly a dish to be savoured – the garlic taste was definite and attractive, and the naan was pillowy and ethereal.

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A typical dinner here costs around $250 per head, which is incredibly budget-friendly. With attentive service, mouthwatering offerings and a reasonable price tag, this hidden gem is worth a visit!

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