Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Address: G/F, 80-82 Peel Street, Mid-Levels 半山卑利街80-82號地下

Telephone: 2525 8257


Tucked away on a quiet road in Mid-Levels is Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day, a quaint and luxurious tea room in purple and pink pastel tones, complete with Victorian-style furnishings, chandeliers and framed paintings on the walls (think Parisien tea rooms such as Ladurée).

This inconspicuous tea parlour is a venture by three Hong Kong girls with a passion for afternoon teas. Their first venture, Another Fine Day, is a smaller establishment a few streets down which resembles a cosy Victorian living room. The secluded location of this haunt makes it a wonderful oasis in the city centre of Hong Kong. The service was slow but friendly, and there was a good selection of food and beverages on the afternoon tea menu.


(1) We ordered the restaurant’s own invention Madame Grey, which was a variation to Earl Grey tea, and was fragrant and soothing with a hint of rose.


(2) We also tried the rose soda with fresh mint, which was icy and refreshing, even though the rose syrup tasted a bit faux.


(3) The caffe latte tasted decent, but the foam could have been smoother.


(4) A Ladies’ Afternoon Tea ($498 for two) was ordered and shared amongst us.


On the top tier were two rose scones, served with clotted cream and homemade rose petal strawberry jam. The scones were a tad dry, but the rose petal jam was fragrant and delicious.


In the middle tier were some sweet delicacies, including macarons, mini Portuguese tarts, swan-shaped cream puffs and mini cupcakes. These did not taste particularly great, but at least they looked adorable!


The savoury items in this tea set fared better than the sweet ones – the egg mayo and smoked salmon tartlets, creamy forest mushroom tartlets and mini popovers filled with baclk truffle cream cheese were all tasty.


There were also two small glass pots of green tea mousse with red bean, which had a decent green tea flavour but was a bit too sweet.


(5) The Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea ($498 for two) was a tea set with more emphasis on savoury than sweet snacks.


The top tier had some of the savoury items that were in the Ladies’ Afternoon Tea Set, with the addition of some crispy rice crackers with minced pork. The seasoning of the minced pork was overly sweet, and didn’t taste authentically Thai.


The prosciutto & manchego cheese croissants tasted delicious, and were fluffy with a generous amount of filling.


I came here with a bunch of girls who all love a good burger, so we were excited to see two burgers in the tea set, but these turned out to be a disappointment. The chicken patty in the mini chicken burger with oolong tea sauce had a refreshing herbal seasoning, but was rubbery and lacked meaty flavours – our hearts sank as we bit into it.


The Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea Set also came with two rose scones, so there was certainly enough food to go around.


Even though the food was mediocre, the decor of this tea room is thoughtful and cosy. I also adore its relatively inconspicuous location, which offers some privacy. I hope the kitchen can improve over time, so that I can come back here with the girls for another afternoon tea session!