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Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Shop 309R1, 3/F Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀廣東道17號海港城海運大廈3樓309R1號舖

Telephone: 2153 1686

Gyu-Kaku, an internationally beloved grilled beef restaurant chain from Japan, opened its first Hong Kong outlet in 2011 and now boasts 8 restaurants in the city. The chain is renowned for their reliably excellent, reasonably priced and deeply satisfying Japanese food, with a focus on grilled meats.

I am a bit hungover in the weekend and decide to go for brunch at Gyu-kaku. The service is efficient, the portions are decent and the food completely hits the spot!

(1) We are off to a great start with the Korean-inspired spicy kimchi soup with tofu and seafood ($72), which arrives sizzling in a stone bowl. The flavours are tangy and comforting, and we particularly enjoy the velvety tofu.


(2) Next, we start cooking the beef tongue with leek and salt ($62). The beef tongue is thinly sliced and retains tenderness after being grilled, but the chopped leeks are a tad too salty.



(3) The Gyu-Kaku premium short ribs ($65) are a must-order – the portion is not huge, but each piece is nicely fat-marbled and has an enticing grilled crisp.


(4) We also order the premium harami ($75), marinated with salted butter and garlic miso. Its meaty flavours are deliciously strong, but, perhaps overcooked by us, the texture is hard and chewy.


(5) The Hiroshima oysters ($52) are heated over the stove in an aluminium foil tray. Each oyster is soft and tender, and benefits from a lingering taste of shio butter.


(6) A portion of portabella mushroom ($32) follows, which is pleasantly juicy and has an attractive bite.


(7) The grilled meats are certainly satisfying, but it is the dessert menu that completely wins us over. The Gyu-kaku green tea ice cream ($19) is generously covered in soybean flour and black sugar syrup which work fantastically with the ice cream, and is an instant addiction!


(8) The Japanese cheese cake ($45) is rich and creamy, and comes with a scoop of red bean ice cream which is completely enjoyable.


(9) The red bean pancake with ice cream ($25), a playful take on the traditional Japanese red bean paste pancake, is lightly grilled for 10 seconds to warm up the pancake and then immediately eaten while the ice cream is still cold. Not only is this a fun way to enjoy our dessert, the taste is unforgettably delicious too – the pancake and red bean ice cream are a match made in heaven.


This cheerful and reliable eatery is very popular, so there will probably be a line at the door. I can assure you, though, that the meal will be worth every minute of the wait!