Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 24th Avenue, Sukhumvit Soim 24 Bangkok, Thailand

Telephone: +66 82 222 7474



Straying from our local Thai food extravaganza while we are in Bangkok, we decide to visit The Bar and the Restaurant by Moët & Chandon for dinner one night.

Our friend is one of the co-owners of this hip and glamorous venue, located in Bangkok’s “high society” area next to The Davis hotel. In stark tones of black and gold, the decor of this restaurant is luxurious and glitzy, with zebra print chairs, faux crocodile skin tables and DJ booths giving it the vibe of a high-end lounge or club.


Being the only Champagne bar in Bangkok, it is no surprise that this space is a popular haunt amongst Bangkok’s socialites and celebrities. The restaurant is intimate and exclusive, but for extra privacy, you can also book one of the draped booths.


The restaurant serves a selection of modern European dishes, with predominantly French and Italian influences. Needless to say, the drinks list includes a serious list of different champagnes! The service is polite, helpful and, most importantly, very speedy – even for someone who comes from Hong Kong.

(1) I order a glass of lychee martini (350 THB), a cocktail made of gin, lychee liqueur, fresh lychee and fresh lime. This is an excellent summer cocktail which is sweet, fruity and invigorating.


(2) Next, the rocket salad (390 THB) arrives. It is a job well done, with the Parma ham, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese offering a range of delicious, well-matched flavours.


(3) The fresh USA scallop cappuccino (490 THB) is rich and indulgent. The sashimi-grade scallop is beautifully tender and the truffle and morel mushroom sauce offers lustrous creaminess, but the dish is overall a tad too heavy.


(4) The Canadian lobster risotto (590 THB) is a delight – the lobster is fresh and juicy, the risotto is plumped up with flavours and the shaved Parmesan cheese makes the dish even more mouthwatering.


(5) The French duck leg confit (990) boasts an ultra crispy, wafer-like skin, which is complete joy for us. We also applaud the honey thyme sauce, whose sweet, sour and spicy flavours add a Thai touch to the dish.


(6) The spaghettini “Tom Yum” giant river prawn (1,490 THB) is a definite crowd-pleaser. The giant river prawn is unbelievably fresh and bouncy, and the meat is as smooth as boiled egg white. The spaghettini is served in a Thai-style “Tom Yum” sauce, which is a tad spicy and is lifted by some crushed peanuts. Completely moreish.


(7) By the time the USDA prime grade ribeye (1,990 THB) arrives, I am already stuffed so I only try a small piece of it. The steak has an attractive meaty flavour and a good bite, and benefits from a strong rosemary aroma. There is a spicy Thai sauce on the side which is tangy and helps cut through the fattiness.


(8) This matcha honey toast (390 THB) looks like heart attack on a plate, but that doesn’t stop us from licking the plate clean. The matcha honey toast is crispy on the surface and fluffy on the inside, and is an instant addiction. The matcha ice cream, though not as good as the fine matcha ice creams you get at Japanese restaurants, is tasty and pairs very well with the red bean sauce.


The setting, service and food are great at this hip bar and restaurant; the only drawback is that the prices are rather hefty, especially for Bangkok standards. Don’t let the price tag put you off though – there is a 15% credit card discount, and while I am not suggesting that you come here every week, it is certainly worth a visit, either for a romantic dinner to impress your loved ones, or for a quiet, uninterrupted business meal.