Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Unit A-B,16/F, Shui Ki Industrial Building, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen 香港仔黃竹坑道18號瑞琪工業大廈16樓A-B室

Telephone: 2884 0768



Opened in April 2013 by a group of passionate chefs and butchers, The Butchers Club started off as a private dining room and cooking space in Aberdeen where diners can be engaged in the preparation of the meal and even invest 30-45 days earlier in their own rib eye or sirloin Black Angus beef, tenderly dry-aged by in-house specialists.

The Butchers Club Deli at ED1TUS is a new outlet of the group, located inside ED1TUS, a luxury men’s fashion and lifestyle showroom in a factory building in Aberdeen. This outlet is a New York-style deli by day, specialising in handcrafted charcuterie, and turns into a private dining room by night.

Even though the location is a bit far from the city centre, this eatery is utterly stylish and modern, with concrete walls, strategically dim lighting and rustic wooden furniture giving the space an upbeat, industrial chic vibe. The venue requires advanced booking at night with a minimum spend of $10,000, and is great for private events, from small 6 person dinners, to seated dinners for up to 120 people. There is also a gigantic rooftop overlooking Aberdeen that can cater to parties for up to 500 people!

(1) We start off with the The Butchers Board ($200, for 2 people), which offers a daily selection of artisanal cured meats, cheese, pickles and breads. The selection is nicely varied, and all the cured meats are intensely flavoured and absolutely enjoyable.


(2) The Deli Poutine with pastrami & aged cheddar ($80) is a twist on the original Canadian recipe by using aged cheddar instead of cheese curds, and is completely comforting. Who doesn’t love crispy duck fat fries, generously slathered in homestyle gravy?


(3) The Caesar salad ($70) is very refreshing, and we find the ultra crispy bacons absolutely irresistible!


(4) The dry aged steak, ale & wild mushroom pie ($120) is hands-down the best meat pie I have had in Hong Kong, but this is hardly surprising, given that premium dry aged steak is used in the pie to give it deep and gorgeous flavours.


(5) Even though this restaurant is renowned for their steaks, their fish & chips ($140) are certainly decent too. The baramundi is smooth and flaky, but the mushy peas are a tad bland.


(6) The star of the night has to be the 60-day dry aged Australia Stockyard rib-eye steak! We watch in anticipation as the chef happily grills our massive piece of steak in open fire.


These dry aged steaks are fabulously char grilled on the surface, and the inside is extremely tender, perfectly rare-middled and beautifully fatty. The steak is rather fatty for a piece of rib eye, but the fattiness does not mask the natural taste of the beef.

IMG_4083_2 IMG_4084_2

(7) For desserts, a chocolate cheesecake ($70) is a very interesting creation, as it combines a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. Both flavours of chocolate and cheese are detectable and interact harmoniously, yet the cake does not taste overwhelming at all.


(8) Lastly, the apple crumble pie with Cheddar cheese ($70) arrives. The spices and melted cheese toppings give this dessert an exotic, inspiring taste. The two desserts that we tried are excellent, but perhaps the restaurant would consider introducing some lighter options since the main courses are already so filling?


The exquisite meats at The Butchers Club Deli don’t come cheap, but overall the dishes taste truly fantastic and you won’t regret coming all the way to Aberdeen!