Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 3/F, Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown,, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣登龍街1號金朝陽中心2期3樓

Telephone: 2771 3177


Soundwill Plaza II has become a hot dining destination in town, housing many of the city’s newest restaurants including Jamie’s ItalianThe Penthouse by Harlan Goldstein and hip Chinese restaurant Zen Too. On the 3rd floor of this building is The Chop House, a gastropub operated by the Wooloomooloo Group which offers an enticing selection of drinks and comfort foods with a creative spin.

The decor of the restaurant is down-to-earth and inviting, with wooden tables, steel stools and an outdoor area completing a laid-back, industrial chic set up. The food menu has a good selection of appetisers, meats, seafoods, pastas and desserts. The portions are robust and the prices are reasonable, and a dinner typically costs around $400-$500 per head. This eatery can be a bit understaffed during weekends (as is the case with many other restaurants in Hong Kong), but the staff are generally helpful and friendly.


It is almost impossible to miss these self-serve beer taps, which are fixed to the larger tables at the restaurant and enable you to pour your own beer. You can buy a special card to activate the tap and pour as many beers as you want until the money on the card runs out.


(1) We start off with some crispy calamari ($115), which is a tad oily but is delightfully crispy on the surface and excellently seasoned. It tastes even better with some lemon juice!


(2) The chicken quesadillas ($135) hit the right notes, and are enticingly cheesy.


(3) The BBQ beef, bacon & cheddar burger ($170) is a real winner for me! The beef patty is deliciously juicy and flavourful, the bacon and cheddar cheese are delectable and the BBQ sauce accentuates all these mouthwatering flavours.


(4) The chicken BBQ burger ($145) is less explosive than the beef burger, but tastes utterly attractive too! The chicken meat is well seasoned and juicy, and is completely enjoyable.


(5) Be warned, as the spaghetti carbonara ($155) is very heavy! In fact, it is so creamy that my athletic friend starts to think that he may get a heart attack on the spot. Some of my friends absolutely adore this pasta, but it is a tad too much for me.


(6) The Australian grass fed beef tenderloin ($298) has good beefy flavours, but unfortunately has inadequate bite.


(7) The full slab of smoked BBQ US baby back ribs ($308) is a crowd-pleaser. The ribs are startlingly tender and soft, and at the same time are tangy and packed with flavours.


(8) We are very excited about the desserts, but these turn out to be a disappointment. The apple strudel in tortilla with vanilla ice cream ($88) is beautifully presented, but tastes rather uninspiring, with the outer layer being cold and hard.


(9) The Chop House Baileys cheesecake ($68) tastes rich and decent, but there is no taste of Baileys at all.


The food at The Chop House is overall delicious, but I wish that it is a tad more refined. Nonetheless, this is a certainly a relaxing place for post-work dinners and gatherings with friends, and despite certain complaints I can surely see myself coming here again!