Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: G/F, AIA Kowloon Tower, Landmark East, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kwun Tong 觀塘觀塘巧明街100號Landmark East AIA Kowloon Tower地下

Telephone: 3758 2239



Since the opening of his landmark restaurant Bo Innovation, Chef Alvin Leung has established a range of other modern eateries, and MIC Kitchen in Kung Tong is his Michelin starred restaurant that serves contemporary comfort food.

In tones of white and grey, the decor of the restaurant is sleek and comfortable. The restaurant is small but the tables are well spaced, and the service is friendly and confident. Unlike the elaborate, delicate cuisine served at Bo Innovation, the offerings at MIC Kitchen are more rustic and are meant to be enjoyed over and over. It is worth noting that the prices at MIC Kitchen are very budget-friendly – a 3-course set lunch costs $198 per head, and a 3-course dinner costs $398 per head.

Chef Chris Keung, who has previously worked at Bo Innovation alongside Chef Alvin Leung, is now the Chef de cuisine of MIC Kitchen, and has added a selection of delightful new dishes to the menu. A few of us have been invited to try out an assortment of the dishes available at lunch and at dinner.

A bread basket is served, and it comes with a spread made with Chinese preserved olive leaves, which tastes distinctive and is a great complement with the bread.


(1) The Black Caesar arrives. The thick, flavourful black sesame dressing is one of the signature dressings at Chef Alvin Leung’s salad bar, Beautifood. The romaine heart is fresh and crisp, and the yaks milk cheese toast is enjoyable.


(2) The next dish is Squid.  The grilled squid and the squid balls are deliciously flavourful, and the fresh tomatoes and kaffir lime mayo offer bright, refreshing notes.


(3) Wagyu Beef is certainly a crowd-pleaser. The Wagyu beef tartar, seasoned with preserved kumquat, is tangy and appetising. The deep fried “Nam Yu Mantou”, “Nam Yu” meaning Chinese preserved bean curd, is pungent but tastes awesome. My only complaint is that the steamed buns have been deep fried for too long and are brown, instead of golden.


(4) The Egg is a similar concept to “Baby Food” at Bo Innovation. A slow cooked egg is served with crispy bacon, sliced truffled brioche and spam. This is not as delicate as the version at Bo Innovation, and is less flavourful, but overall is still an excellent attempt.


(5) Before the main courses are served, we are presented with a yoghurt “Wah Mui” sorbet as our palate cleanser. The tartness of yogurt and the salted dried plums powder is invigorating.


(6) Not only is delicious Asian food available, there are burgers too. The MIC Burger is known for its gigantic size. The beef patty is juicy and flavour-packed, and the bun is fluffy and well buttered. I wish the fries are a tad more crunchy though!


(7) Cheung Fun is a simpler version of “Saga-gyu beef” at Bo Innovation. The steamed rice rolls are addictively crispy, and are delectably seasoned with black truffle and soy sauce. There are some accompanying baby vegetables and taro cream.


(8) The Tomahawk (supplement $348), a 24-oz Australian Angus rib eye, is absolutely ginormous. The surface can be more seared, but the meat is beautifully pink-middled and tender, and boasts a deep, satisfying flavour.


(9) The kitchen serves up a range of creative, comforting side dishes and one of the signatures is the black truffle “Loh Bak Gou”. The pan-fried turnip cake has a great texture which is not too hard nor too soft, but I find the flavours insipid.


(10) The first dessert that arrives is Taro, an inspiring dessert that uses various tropical fruits including coconut and calamansi. I find myself unable to stop eating the taro ice cream!


(11) The next dessert is Apple pie. It tastes very similar to McDonald’s apple pies, in a very good way, and is served with an appetising sour cream ice cream.


(12) The meal is rounded off with a foam version of the beancurd sheet sweet soup. The flavours are strong and delicious, and its foamy texture means that it is absolutely not filling at all, which makes it perfect to be served at the end of a meal. I am deeply impressed!


MIC Kitchen is a fantastic, more down-to-earth alternative to Bo Innovation, as you don’t have to order a full tasting menu here and can still try out a wonderful range of innovative, modern dishes. I am surely coming back here with my friends!