Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 20/F, M88, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central 中環威靈頓街2-8號M88 20樓

Telephone: 2900 2009


Following the success of el Willy in Shanghai, Fofo by el Willy in Hong Kong has been a culinary gem in Hong Kong ever since it first opened in 2010. A venture by chef Willy Trullas Moreno from Barcelona, Fofo is a beloved restaurant in Central known for their sleek interior design, creative and tasty Spanish cuisine, energetic vibe and a spacious rooftop bar with a stunning city view.

The kitchen is currently helmed by chef Alex Martinez Fargas. In order to continue the restaurant’s success, chef Alex and his team recently flew to Spain with chef Willy to seek out new inspirations for the menu. Fofo was closed for a few months for a refurbishment, and after the reopening, it now has a similar yet refreshed look and an enticing selection of food and drinks on the menu. As I used to come to Fofo every once in a while for lunch or for drinks, I am very glad to be back to try out the new offerings!

(1) A stylish marble top bar sits in the centre of the dining room, and we watch as the bartender diligently makes a cocktail for each of us.


My drink is called Very Berry ($98), and it is made of blackcurrant liqueur, vodka, cranberries and cherries. It is deliciously light and fruity, but needs to be shaken longer so that the liqueur is more finely mixed with the fruit juice.


(2) The Red Sangria ($75) and White Sangria ($75), on the other hand, are almost faultless. The former has the perfect level of sweetness and a hint of cinnamon, while the latter is incredibly fruity and easy to drink, with bright notes of of lychee and green apple.


(3) We start off the evening with some hand sliced 36-month aged iberico ham ($360), which comes with Barcelona style crystal bread. The delicately sliced jamon tastes fine and pristine, and the thin layer of fat is completely alluring.


(4) Next, the explosive smoked salmon air bag ($30 per piece) is served. This aptly named snack is very “explosive” indeed – the outer layer is paper-thin and crispy, and it is dramatically contrasted by a rich, smooth cream cheese filling.


(5) The ​lobster mollette ($48 per piece) looks completely adorable, and a very generous amount of lobster is packed into this small bun. However, I have had more flavourful lobster sandwiches in Hong Kong.


(6) The Bikini ($50 per piece) follows, and this dish almost makes the entire table squeal with joy. Different versions of this sandwich are served at other restaurants in Hong Kong, such as at Catalunya and Papi, and this one is surely one of the best in Hong Kong. What makes this sandwich remarkable is that the toasted bread is pressed very thin, which helps the flavours of the sandwich fillings of Iberico ham, black rruffle, mozzarella and arugula stand out.


(7) The Iberico pork ear salad ($98) is a job well done. The pork ear is warm and pleasantly crunchy, and complements the fresh salad greens.


(8) The Iberico pork jowl ($68 per skewer) looks deceptively plain, but actually boasts incredibly vibrant flavours! The pork jowl is brimming with natural flavours, and the pradon peppers are grilled to perfection.


(9) The Spanish hot tuna ($248) is nicely grilled on the outside and delicious rare in the middle.


(10) My meal ends on a high note with the Spanish red prawn ($88 per piece). The red prawn is exquisitely tender, and the head is dripping with deeply flavoured juices.


I am overall very satisfied with this cheerful, cocktail- and tapas-filled meal. Welcome back, Fofo!