Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 102/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀柯士甸道西1號環球貿易廣場(ICC)香港麗思卡爾頓酒店102樓

Telephone: 2263 2270


Tosca, located on 102/F of The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, is a fine and elegant establishment. The interior of the restaurant is spacious and luxurious, complete with a stunningly beautiful view of the Hong Kong skyline. When chef Pino Lavarra first joined the team, I came to the restaurant immediately to try out his cooking and noted that there were a few kinks to be worked out, but it is very comforting to know that with each visit, the quality of the cuisine improves!

This time, I am here to try out a special menu to celebrate Damiani’s 90th anniversary, priced at $1,880 per person. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, Damiani is a long-standing Italian brand founded in Italy in 1924 that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells luxury jewellery and watches. It is rather famous for its wedding rings for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back then, and the brand currently has one outlet in Hong Kong in Elements.


(1) Our meal is off to a great start with the cured salmon with beluga and snail caviar, porcini mushroom and creamed risotto. Inspired by a ring called “Cascade” (a photo of which is on the placard in the background), the black and white eggs are meant to represent the small gems on the ring. The cured salmon is fantastically flavoured and is delicately lined with a layer of pancetta bacon, which is pure fat, but also pure deliciousness!


The salmon is paired with a copper-coloured 2012 Vin di Romans Dessimis Pinot Grigio, which has notes of honey melon and grapefruit to complement the fish.


(2) The next dish is a squid ink fettuccelle pasta with scallops, lobster, zucchini and tomato. This dish is inspired by a necklace named “Bloom”. The pasta boasts an al dente texture which is beyond reproach, and deep, alluring flavours of the sea.


(3) A choice of two main courses is offered, and I opt for the stewed oxtail served on potato with foie gras, balsamic mushroom sauce and crystals. The ring-shaped oxtail which envelops the foie gras represents the “Optical” earrings. There is a scoop of foie gras brûlée on the side which is completely delectable, and the butter mash is also very addictive! The stewed oxtail, however, could be a tad softer.


(4) The other choice of main course is the crispy monkfish served with chickpeas cream sauce and fried sage. This dish is in remembrance of a “Legend” bracelet designed in the 1940s, when people preferred austere, military style fashion.


(5) The meats are followed by the pain d’epice parfait with chocolate ring hazelnuts and five spices sauce, signifying a “Tribute” bracelet from the 1980s. The dessert is overall on the sweet side, but the creamy and crunchy contrast is remarkable.


Just when we think that the meal has come to an end, Tosca’s signature petit four arrives. The candy floss represents clouds as this restaurant is located so high up in the sky, and it certainly brings out the inner child in all of us – I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of candy floss?



Lastly, each of us is presented with a pristine Damiani box. Rather disappointedly, we are not given a piece of fine jewellery to take home, but I must say that the chocolates are delectable!


The food is on the whole tasty, delicate and well executed. The menu is on the pricey side (particularly if it doesn’t come with wine), but considering that it is targeted at fine jewellery lovers, I am sure this meal won’t put a dent in the clientele’s wallet!