Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 3/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣波斯富街99號利舞臺廣場3樓

Telephone: 3971 3120


MUJI, a brand founded in Japan in the 1980s, bases its concept on two values: no brand (“Mujirushi”) and the value of good items (“ryohin”). These values have driven MUJI to create low-priced, high-quality products for its consumers. When it comes to dining, MUJI also offers consistently delicious food that are made with the best seasonal ingredients.

Café&Meal MUJI opened at Lee Theatre Plaza in Causeway Bay in June 2013, and it is a neat, upbeat deli that offers a range of simple and healthy food to the busy city crowds. I only recently visit the deli for the first time (as there are too many restaurants in Hong Kong!), to try out the eatery’s special Sakura dessert to celebrate the cherry blossom season in Japan, which is around March-April 2015.


(1) We start off with a strawberry vinegar drink ($42), which is light and utterly refreshing. The level of sweetness is just right to balance off the sourness of the strawberry vinegar, and apparently this drink offers great health benefits!


(2) Lunches and dinners cost the same here, and there is $88 3-deli set for any 3 hot or cold delis, plus rice and a drink (you can choose among miso soup, coffee, tea or oolong tea), and a $98 4-deli set, for a choice of 2 hot delis and 2 cold delis, plus rice and a drink/soup.

I opt for the a bowl of multi-grain rice, which has more fibre and vitamins than plain rice, and also a miso soup. The tofu salad with mushrooms & bacon is light yet satisfying, with the tofu providing a delicious creaminess. The sesame dressing is well tuned. The Japanese edamame croquette, coated in crispy breadcrumbs, is tangy and comforting. The braised pork ribs have a beautiful natural taste and a nice, firm texture.


The seaweed and rocket salad offers a vibrant range of fresh flavours, and the braised eggplants are well cooked and completely delicious.  The deep fried lotus ball is a tad too soft though.


(3) The star of the night is the Sakura & white peach mousse cake ($45), which is the item that lures me here as it is only available from mid March to mid April. There is salted sakura in the cake which helps enhance the flavours, and the white peach mousse is sweet and pleasant, with some actual white peach bits in it. This baby pink mousse cake looks absolutely beautiful!


(4) The citrus crunch mousse ($42), a newly launched dessert, offers an attractive contrast of creaminess and crunchiness and also carries bright notes of tangerine.


(5) The Uji Matcha cheesecake ($45) is certainly a classic. Uji is an area in Japan known for producing the finest matcha, and the cheesecake is creamy and rich, while beautifully infused with the strong, alluring taste of matcha.  


The food at MUJI is simple, well-executed and fresh. My only complaint is that the portions of the set meal are barely big enough and you will only be completely full if you also order a dessert – note though, that this is in line with MUJI’s concept and the insistence of simplicity and not doing anything in excess. This is a great place for a light, healthy lunch, if you don’t have a huge appetite!