Rating: ★★★★★

Address: B2, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Telephone: 2733 2020

E-mail: rgdls@rghk.com.hk


Even though there is now a Dong Lai Shun outlet in Causeway Bay, I would still go to Tsim Sha Tsui to visit the original branch at The Royal Garden.

Dong Lai Shun is a renowned, elegant restaurant at the basement of the hotel, and is famous for their consistently delicious Beijing and Huaiying cuisine. The restaurant received 1 Michelin Star in 2013. The interior is neat, spacious and comfortable, and the service is always well-informed and attentive.

In June this year, the restaurant has arranged for some experienced guest chefs from Chengdu to visit the restaurant, as well as talented performers of “face changing” illusion in Sichuan opera to entertain the restaurant’s patrons. For those who are not familiar, “face changing” is one of the most famous stunts in Sichuan opera, with the performers dressed up in kaleidoscopic costumes and changing their face masks in seconds using jaw-dropping skills and techniques.


(1) While we wait for the performance to start, the stewed fresh baby abalone ($198) arrives; this dish sets the standards high for the meal. The baby abalone is utterly flavour-packed and the spices wonderfully complement them.


(2) The sliced bamboo shoots ($98) are delicate, crisp and have a very pleasant bite.


(3) The braised cabbage in superior broth ($68) is simple, yet completely comforting. Marvellous to prepare us for the tangy dishes to come!


(4) The spicy sauteed shrimp ($268) is nothing short of spectacular – not only is the seasoning spot-on, each shrimp is also crisp, bouncy and utterly tasty.


(5) The spicy fried crab ($498) blows us away with its sea-fresh flavours. Not to mention that it is very pretty to look at!


(6) The poached mandarin fish fillet with lotus root and bean sprout in spicy broth ($298) may look intimidating, but the fish is unbelievably tender and silky. This dish is definitely not to be missed!


(7) The Sichuan dumplings in chili oil ($68) are unforgettably delicious. The wrapper is paper-thin and smooth, the fillings are fresh and juicy and the chili oil completes the dish.


(8) The Sichuan noodles with spicy minced meat and peanut sauce ($68) is spicier than it looks; the noodles are attractively soft, and soak up the broth’s intense flavours. Some modified versions of this noodle have a very perceptible peanut taste, but the traditional rendition is usually much lighter on the peanut sauce.


(9) This sweet soup with pigeon egg and gingko ($68) rounds off our excellent meal. The gingko nuts are adorably soft and supple, and the poached pigeon egg is smooth and delectable. An incredibly soothing dessert after all the spiciness!


As usual, the execution of food at Dong Lai Shun is stellar and I have enjoyed every dish from the beginning to the end!