Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 5 & 6/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 中環蘭桂坊雲咸街33號LKF Tower 5樓及6樓

Telephone: 2810 6166

Lily & Bloom, a restaurant and bar inspired by the vibrant city life in the 1920s, used to be one of the hippest haunts in town when it first opened; even after some years, this operation by Buzz Concepts remain a popular venue for drinks and weekend brunches.

To bring some excitement for its diners in this intense summer heat, Bloom has introduced a Sunday Night Picnic that costs $490 per head (and $185 only for kids).


(1) Our indoors “picnic” starts off with a welcome drink, and we can choose between an alcoholic “Midsummer Night’s Dream” or a non-alcoholic “Elderfizz“. The former, with earl grey gin, aperitivos, muscat and ginger ale in the mixture, is fruity and refreshing and has a distinctive orange fragrance.


The latter, a simple beverage of homemade elderflower ginger soda, is soothing and thirst quenching. 

(2) In true picnic style, our food is brought to our table in these lovely bamboo baskets.


We are presented with some assorted baby vegetables with homemade tartar sauce. The baby vegetables are remarkably fresh, and we love the natural sweetness of the baby carrots and the exquisite juiciness of the yellow tomatoes.


(3) The fresh baked mini baguettes, warm and fluffly and served with duck mousse, are delicious too.


(4) A vichyssoise and truffle cheese toast follow. The cold potato and leek soup is naturally flavourful, and the toast is rich with strings of gruyere cheese.


While we are waiting for the dishes to arrive, the waiter kindly brings us some fresh daisies, as these are the flowers of the month of the restaurant, as well as a small fact sheet about daisies.


(5) The cold seafood spaghettini does not disappoint; the crab and calamari are excellently fresh, while the pesto and caviar add bright, vibrant notes. My only complaint is that we are being served two cold dishes in a row, bearing in mind that we are sitting in an air conditioned restaurant instead of sitting under the sun like a real picnic.

(6) “Bloom’s Make Your Own Fish Tacos” adds some fun to our meal. We assemble our own fish tacos and find the fish nicely crispy on the outside and suitably moist on the inside; the tortilla is warm and soft, and the spicy mayonnaise and mango salsa are well adjusted and delectable.


(7) We definitely have had enough food, but when the oven roasted porchetta arrives, we decide to march on. The porchetta is impressively crispy and well cooked, and is served with butter lettuce cups and some chili pickled radish. It can be a tad less salty though.


(8) Lastly, the desserts arrive. The young coconut mousse and the chocolate pot de creme are served in cute little glass jars and they both taste spot on.


This Sunday Night Picnic is a fascinating concept and the food is delicious, creative and generously portioned. This will be a great option for Sunday night family or friends’ gathering. (Also, if you can solve a crossword puzzle on the back of the menu, you get to bring home a bottle of wine!)