Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 12/F, Century Square, 1-13 D’Aguilar Street



Skin Laundry, a renowned concept brand that originated in Los Angeles, recently opened its doors in Hong Kong. When founder Yen Reis was living in Asia, she discovered the use of safe and accessible laser and light therapy that greatly improved her skin, but when she moved to Los Angeles, she couldn’t find a similar treatment that was affordable and convenient, so she teamed up with a panel of laser and medical experts and started Skin Laundry in Santa Monica in 2013.

This outlet has turned out to be a massive success, and right now the company already has 8 clinics in the USA, with 12 additional outlets planned for next year. There are currently 2 outlets in Hong Kong – one in Central and one in The Pulse in Repulse Bay, with 1 more outlet due to open in IFC Lane Crawford. Yen deliberately chooses to open several outlets in this city as Hong Kongers are renowned for our ruthless efficiency, and Yen believes that these 15-mintues non-invasive laser treatments would be something that we would readily accept and love.


The visit to Skin Laundry is meant to be a quick, easy and enjoyable experience. The decor is simple, laid-back inviting, in a casual Californian style that instantly reminds me of sunny LA.

You can book your treatment at booking.skinlaundry.hk. Each 15-mintue session costs HK$500, but there are various packages that can be purchased, such as HK$1,288 for 3 sessions. You can now enter the discount code “Glow HK” for an additional exclusive 25% off your first visit (while availability lasts)!

Skin Laundry seeks to bring this cutting edge technology to the mass market, so the treatment here is definitely cheaper than laser treatments at dermatologists, which in some cases can cost around HK$20,000 and upwards. All the beauticians here are properly trained and certified, and the brand is supervised by a panel of medical professionals.

Upon arrival, you can check in using the iPad at the counter.


I am given this lovely smelling Skin Laundry purifying cleansing cloth to remove my makeup before the trial. As the treatment will not be done on the eye area, I am told that I can keep my eye makeup on.


The treatment room is clean, simple and comfortable. The beautician helps me put on googles to protect my eyes, and then performs 2 back-to-back treatments of a YAG laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light), which are medical-grade and are completely non-invasive. When the treatment is being done, I feel some prickling sensation on my face but otherwise it is not painful at all.

These laser and light treatments have the short term effects of making the skin instantly softer, smoother, cleaner and more glowing, and in the long-term can tighten skin and reduce signs of ageing, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, clear acnes and prevent future breakouts, even skin tone and reduce scarring and reduce pigmentation.

Being the slightly geeky girl that I am, I am curious about the science behind these laser and light treatments, so I actually bother staying behind after my treatment and reading the pamphlets placed at the reception of Skin Laundry. I have summarised, for your convenience, what I have read (only read if you are bored/ geeky!): the laser treatment uses a preset wavelength to break down melanin in dark pigmented areas on your face, so that over time the pigmentation will be reduced and the skin tone will be more even. The laser and light also vaporises dirt particles, dust, debris and bacteria above the skin, so that pores are less likely to get blocked. With unclogged pores, the skin will be able to absorb and retain moisture more efficiently, and will appear brighter, and this also helps prevent future acne breakouts. Lastly, the treatment also stimulates collagen production in the second layer of the skin, the dermis, which can help reduce the appearance of mild scars over time and help reduce fine lines.


After the treatment, the beautician applies some of the Skin Laundry products on my face and they have an incredibly refreshing floral scent.


A range of Skin Laundry’s line of skincare products is displayed on the shelf.



After the visit, I receive an email with my appointment time and date and also a survey for my feedback on the experience.

The below photo is taken immediately after my treatment – I am make-up free except for my eyeliner, and as you can see, there is no redness at all.


I leave the clinic feeling that my skin is instantly cleaner and brighter. However, I am not in a position to confirm the treatment’s long-term effects, as I have only done the treatment once – this seems to be the perfect excuse for me to purchase the 30-treatment package!