Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: G/F, The Park Lane Hong Kong, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣告士打道310號柏寧酒店地下

Telephone: 2839 3377


The Park Lane Hong Kong is a long-standing hotel in the heart of Causeway Bay, which has recently been refurbished and is now a collaboration with Pullman Hotels and Resorts. In its lobby is a new all-day dining restaurant called Ebb & Flow, which serves international cuisine in a energetic, hip setting.

The Pullman hotel chain seeks to provide stylish and trendy accommodations for “work hard play hard” business travellers, therefore Ebb & Flow’s set-up is very conducive to work, complete with power sources, free wifi and wooden communal tables as well as individual egg chairs which are excellent for customers who would like to work on their laptops.


There is a self-service wine dispenser at the side of the restaurant. There are other restaurants and bars in Hong Kong which also have this wine dispenser (e.g. California Vintage), but I still find it pretty cool when I see it!


(1) We start off with a ceviche salad ($168), which is light and refreshing with a generous amount of scallop ceviche, tuna sashimi and yellow tail sashimi. 


(2) Next, the marinated scallops ($88) arrive. The scallops are smooth and tender, but the lime teriyaki sauce is overpowering.  


(3) The cheesy french fries ($138) is a calorific bomb, but topped with garlic mayo, cheese sauce, Tabasco sour cream, jalapeño and bacon crumbs, this is sure to satisfy any winter cravings!


(4) We find the mussel + fries ($368) well executed, and the portion is robust. It comes with 1kg of Dutch mussells cooked in a simple and tasty white wine sauce, and the mussels are flavourful and enticing.


(5) As the dessert menu is only limited to éclairs ($38), we decide to try 3 different flavours to satisfy our sweet tooth. We order the apple éclair, with caramelised apples and caramel cream, the matcha éclair with matcha mousse, azuki beans and matcha chocolate and the raspberry éclair with fresh raspberries, dark chocolate mousse and chocolate crunchy pearls.


The texture of the éclairs is a tad too dense, but we like the fillings.


I did not order any beverage after my meal, but I hear from the restaurant manager that Ebb & Flow has a great coffee selection. Given its prime location, business-friendly facilities and chic ambience, Ebb & Flow is definitely a fantastic place to work on your laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee!