Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central

Telephone: +852 25673677; Whatsapp: +852 9317 7796

Email: info@catchjuicery.com


Happy 2016 my dear readers and I wish all of you great health and lots of happiness in the coming year! Thank you for reading my first blog post of the year and I wish to be sharing with you many more interesting reviews!

After the December holiday frenzy, January is the best time to calm down and get your life back on track, which is why I decide to write about Catch Juicery, Hong Kong’s newest raw food boutique on Wellington Street. By way of disclosure, Catch is co-owned by my friend CB, who used to be a banker at Goldman Sachs, and his partner Alex, so I have been a customer of Catch pretty much as soon as it opened.


Catch is a spacious, calming space in Central which sells cold-pressed juices, organic groceries and smoothies.


I don’t cook much so I don’t usually have to buy grocery, but I will sometimes pick up some organic kale from Catch for my health-conscious younger brother.


There is a beautiful smoothie counter and a small salad bar inside the store. You will see that the smoothies here don’t come cheap, but this is because only fresh and 100% organic fruits and ingredients are used in these smoothes, which is different from most other smoothies which are blended using frozen fruits. There is also a range of fruit shots and some of my friends love the wheatgrass shots ($30) here!


I am currently in my mid-20s, and one change that I noticed about my body is that my appetite somehow stabilised, meaning that I am not able to binge eat like I used to, but at the same time, I also rarely feel hunger pangs and I have started eating smaller meals without any conscious attempt to do so.

I used to love juice cleanses a few years back when it was embraced by celebrities and Hollywood stars, but recently, I don’t do cleanses anymore and just drink raw juices as a healthy, delicious way to add nutrients to my diet.

The price of 1-day juice cleanse starts at $532/ day, and comes with 8 (instead of 6) 375ml bottles of cold-pressed juices, which offers excellent value for money compared with similar programmes in town. Despite the reasonable price tag, the juices are held in glass bottles which don’t contain any harmful toxins and can be re-used. Also, all the juices are 100% organic.


I will often swing by Catch post-workout to pick up some juices for myself and my family. It is very convenient to buy the juices individually and my favourite juices are the green-coloured ones.


A juice that often sells out quickly is their coconut juice, I <3 Coco ($55/ 375 ml), as it contains really yummy bits of coconut meat in it. You can check out their full menu of cold-pressed juices here.


 If the Wellington store is not convenient for you, there is also a weekly subscription programme which costs $600 for 8 juices to be delivered to you each week – more details here


Happy juice drinking and healthy eating everyone!