Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 29/F, Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown, 1-29 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣登龍街1-29號金朝陽中心2期Midtown 29樓

Telephone: 2970 3218


I have, for the past few years, kept a list of the restaurants that I want to try, and thanks to the incredibly hectic dining scene in Hong Kong, my list is always long. Sushi To was a restaurant that I had wanted to try but never managed to do so, but never mind now, because it has already been rebranded as Shiki Zen, a restaurant that now specialists in Japanese udon. 

The decor of the restaurant remains largely the same as before, with light wooden furniture and large windows giving the restaurant a bright, inviting vibe.

Shiki Zen offers an appetiser and dessert semi-buffet both at lunch and at dinner every day of the week. It is freezing on the day we visit the restaurant, and we find these hot snacks at the semi-buffet very satisfying! 


(1) The restaurant has recently started offering shabu shabu, which is simply perfect for this weather! We order a Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu with homemade udon ($388 per person, minimum of 2 people) and the A5 Wagyu beef is immaculately fat marbled and utterly indulgent.



(2) Apart from beef, you can also try the Kagoshima Black Pork Shabu Shabu with homemade udon ($228 per person, minimum of 2 people). The pork has an attractive, natural taste, and the level of fattiness is just right.



(3) Even though we find the shabu shabu utterly enticing, we still make sure we save some stomach space for the restaurant’s signature udons, which are freshly made everyday using premium Japanese-imported ingredients, including “kagawa” flour and natural sea salt. There are 2 types of udon on offer – Sanuki udon, which are thick and smooth and are recommended to be eaten warm, and Kyoto udon, which are thinner and softer and are recommended to be eaten cold.

We first try the homemade udon with Meitaiko roe and onsen egg in soup. The udon is smooth and mildly al dente, and the soup base, made with Japanese fish and Hokkaido seaweed, is deeply soothing.


(4) Another udon we try is the homemade udon with Kagoshimi pork in spicy miso soup. This mildly spicy soup is exactly what we need in the depth of winter, and the slices of pork are well cooked and very flavourful.


For desserts, these red bean mochi rolls are bundles of joy – they are so fabulously smooth and stretchy!


I am back at the restaurant a few days after this meal as I have these sudden udon cravings, and I manage to try out their cold udons, which are absolutely delectable and are even more al dente. Shiki Zen seems to be just the right place for a comforting udon meal in the heart of Causeway Bay!