Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central

Telephone: 2409 9638

My weekends are very precious to me because there is always so much to do – spending time with my loved ones, working out, organising my life and just generally relaxing and doing the things that I enjoy.

Recently, I discovered a very exciting activity for the weekend, which is to make my personalised organic perfume! Since I posted this on Instagram, many of my friends and readers have already decided to come check it out.

SUPERMADÉ is a Danish concept brand which sells a variety of top quality skincare and beauty products from Europe and the USA, and it opened its first Hong Kong outlet in Harvey Nichols in The Landmark. The store is decorated like an open kitchen, except that the “kitchen cabinets” are stocked with many exciting products instead of food!


I love perfumes and, like a lot of other girls, have accumulated quite a sizeable collection, but this is my first time making a bottle of organic perfume so I am very excited indeed. It usually costs HK$580 to make a 50ml bottle, but during promotion period, the price is HK$330 which is very reasonable.

I start off by picking out 3-5 perfume oils that will go into the mixture.


I love light and refreshing floral fragrances, so my perfume is sakura-based, with hints of neroli, magnolia and rose, finished with a few drops of green apple oil for a touch of sweetness.


The process of making the perfume is very simple – you just mix the perfume oils and bottled water together in a glass beaker, and gently pour it into your perfume bottle.


Apart from making perfumes, you can also make your own liquid soaps from organic soap bars (HK$180 per bottle). I haven’t tried making this, but I understand that you basically turn the bar soap into liquid soap by adding tea, which acts as a natural preservative – this is quite a clever idea!


One brand which catches my attention is Odacité, a California-based company founded by a French lady. These serums are highly concentrated and contain many beneficial properties for the skin. It is oil-based, so y0u can mix it with any face cream that you are already using (sort of like the Jo Malone Vitamin E oil) – I tried using one of these serums at home and it smells incredibly pleasant and is very moisturising!


Intelligent Nutrients is an organic hair product line, founded by Horst Rechelbacher, who was also the founder of Aveda. This brand is renowned for their high quality organic hair products, and one of their most famous products is the anti-hair loss serum which is known for effectively promoting hair growth in a gentle, natural way.

IMG_0832_2 IMG_0833_2 

Codage Paris products are also offered here, and you can order 100% customised skin care products which best suit your skin type. Your products will be freshly manufactured in Paris and shipped to Hong Kong – how extravagant (but it probably won’t be cheap)!


Lastly, Name Sort of Coal is a Danish brand which specialises in making top quality binchotan (備長炭), which can be used to detoxify and purify water, and can be also added to beverages such as coffee or tea. I tried a glass of charcoal purified water and find that it tastes subtly sweet and perceptibly pure. Apparently, this purified water is very beneficial for health.