Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Shop 1, 2/F, 8 Observatory Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀天文台道8號2樓1號舖

Telephone: 2321 9038

I always find it incredibly comforting to have a hotpot meal in winter. There are many fantastic hotpot restaurants in town, and if you like something funky and contemporary, Megan’s Kitchen in Wanchai is a trusted venue for me. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around The Drunken Pot, a new hotpot restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui which serves a range of creative, contemporary soup bases and hotpot dishes. The restaurant is a bit tucked away on Observatory Road, but you will be impressed as soon as you enter this large space, which is in the theme of an ancient fish market and showcases beautiful carved wooden doors, dangling glass lamps and gigantic murals on its walls.


(1) We start off the meal with this housemade begonia fimbristipula drink ($25), which looks adorable in a lightbulb-shaped glass. It tastes mildly sour, which is very appetising and perfect for cutting through the fatty foods at the meal.


(2) The bamboo herbal drink ($25), also housemade, is sweet and soothing. 


(3) We are very tempted by the creative appetisers on the menu, and decide to try out a few of them. These Chinese crispy sticks stuffed with dace fish paste ($58) come highly recommended, and we are not disappointed by this tangy snack with a hint of black truffle.


(4) These six-colour soup dumplings ($78) boast a nicely thin wrapper and a flavourful, juicy filling.


(5) The deep fried fish skin with garlic ($48) is crispy and moreish, but makes us feel quite thirsty.


(6) Two trays of sauces and condiments, neatly arranged, are brought to our table. 


The restaurant offers a range of enticing homemade soup bases which all look very tempting. We wanted to try “The Drunken Pot” which features a flaming papaya, but it is already sold out that day, so we opt for “The Notorious Pot” ($248) instead, which comes with 4 soup flavours – black truffle with assorted mushrooms soup, pork bone broth soup, Sichuan-style numbingly spicy soup and pickled mustard with pork stomach and pepper soup.


(7) We decide to order these seven-color cuttlefish balls ($88) simply because they are so Instagram-friendly!


(8) These assorted fortune bag dumplings ($160) are adorable as well as auspicious. They come in 3 flavours – teriyaki beef, quail egg, and crabmeat and squid ink; the quail egg dumpling is my favourite.


(9) Our meal is not complete without beef, so the premium sliced Angus beef chuck ($238) is ordered. Not only is its presentation thoughtful, its beefy taste is delicious and perceptible too.


If you are looking for a hip, contemporary hotpot restaurant in town, you can consider making a trip to Tsim Sha Tsui to give The Drunken Pot a try. The photos will look fabulous, I promise!